glove bodybuilding TREC gel shock black
This model of training gloves combines comfort with safety and durability. Made of flexible neoprene, reinforced with elastane.

On the inner side of the gloves there are special inserts from the shock absorbing gel, which protects the hands from injuries.

The breathable fiber and design of the gloves ensure the comfort of the hands and great ventilation during the exercises. Between the fingers, stripes were sewn to remove the gloves. Perfect for training with dumbbells and barbells.


M-circumference (width x2)

22, length 15

L-circumference (width x2)

24, length 15

XL-circumference (width x2)

26, Length 15

Brand: Trec


Trideer Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip, Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting, Training, Fitness, Exercise (Men & Women)

trideer workout gloves full palm protection amp extra grip gym gloves for weight

  1. They work great, are of impressive quality, and cost less than most of the competitors!
  2. As this is my first pair of workout gloves, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started shopping.
  3. This pair had a good look and a good price, but I wasn’t sure what kind of quality I would get.
  4. When I opened the package today I was shocked at the apparent quality of the materials, the stitching, and even the packaging materials!
  5. The grip has enough padding to soften the impact on your hands without increasing your grip diameter too much.
  6. The high-friction pattern on the pad aids in gripping bars and weights.
  7. The white stitching adds a nice contrast to the modern appearance of the black and grey glove and is of high quality and precision.
  8. The top of the glove features two adjustable high-quality velcro straps so that you can get the fit just right.
  9. My favorite feature is the loops on the fingers which greatly aide in taking off the gloves.
  10. This truly is a well-built piece of German engineering, even though it is assembled in China.
  11. As far as picking a size goes, I was a little hesitant to order the “large” as I almost always need a “medium” in everything.
  12. I am a very normally sized male at 5’10” and about 160 lbs.
  13. If you notice, the size chart is actually skewed towards larger sizes as a more common approach would be (XS, S, M, L, and XL), whereas this approach stacks the “X” sizes at the top (S, M, L, XL, XXL).
  14. So really, you can take whatever size you normally would wear and add one to it to get the size according to the chart.
  15. By that logic, my “Large” would really be a “Medium” by most methods.
  16. Overall, these are great gloves and I’m pretty shocked and pleasantly surprised to have founds such a great deal on my first try.
  17. If you’re debating which gloves to get, stop your search here!<
  18. I feel bad for leaving this review: I followed the guidelines for ordering for my size and they were still too big.
  19. Every time I try to do pull-ups or use weights, it pinches in my fingers and palm.
  20. Afterward, they replaced my gloves with two pairs and issued a refund.
  21. I’d like to at least pay for one but I have no idea how to contact them.
  22. Usually there’s a contact seller button but I don’t see it anywhere.
  23. Anyway, the replacements are a size smaller and fit perfectly.
  24. My hand measures about 7 3/4″ across the area they suggest to measure and I have short fingers.
  25. I normally wear a medium-large to large glove with cadet fingers (if cadet is an option).
  26. I ordered the large which is what their chart would suggest.
  27. They were very tight when I first tried them on but I can wear them.
  28. They have since become easier to get on and off but I would still consider them too small.
  29. The finger nubs finish too far below my knuckles and so the tacky grip portion of the glove doesn’t really reach the area where it would be most useful on exercises requiring pulling or hanging.
  30. I have been lifting weights and wearing gloves for more than 20 years and these might be the best designed and quality gloves for the money I have ever purchased.
  31. For the past 5 or 6 years I had been buying Ocelot gloves from Valeo and I didn’t think there was anything better but I found the quality of the last couple pairs to be increasingly poor.
  32. These gloves are very well made and the material is comfortable and seem very durable.
  33. The finger tabs/pulls (not shown in the picture) are great.
  34. I would order a size bigger next time but I would definitely buy them again.
  35. Trideer customer service read my review and went completely out of their way to make me happy, following up with me multiple times.
  36. I ended up with an XL pair which fits exactly as I would have expected.
  37. So, in conclusion, order 1 size larger than the chart calls for and these gloves are awesome!<
  38. I do like the grip, made possible in part by the honeycomb rubber-like overlay on the palms.
  39. I’m concerned about the longevity of that honeycomb material and believe eventually it will begin peeling away from the glove.
  40. It’s very thick but it doesn’t impede mobility and I haven’t found that it gets in the way of my wrist watch.
  41. These are a huge improvement compared to my old Wegner gloves, which lasted about one year and cost more than these gloves.
  42. Only been 3 weeks and I’ve noticed that my grip has improved significantly.
  43. So, I went with the medium based on the provided size chart.
  44. So, if you’re debating your size, go with the size up rather than the size down.
  45. UPDATE:
    Today, I received a pair of large gloves in the mail unexpectedly.
  46. They read my review and righted a wrong that absolutely more mine than theirs.
  47. I’m mind-blown at the supplier going above and beyond for satisfaction.
  48. The quality is excellent and the stitching is holding up for 2 months strong.
  49. Would definitely recommend these gloves to use at the gym.
  50. The palm material is designed for that purpose and works well.
  51. Could be a 5 star, but the Velcro attachment at the wrists worked only once or twice.
  52. Just enough padding for no pressure on the hands and still get a good grip on the bars!<

Buy Trideer Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip, Gym Gloves for Weight Lifting, Training, Fitness, Exercise (Men & Women) here

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