shirt Bontrager race black short sleeve

shirt Bontrager race black short sleeve 1
– Model supplemented by sublimated compression sleeves and improved fabric on the body

– Light, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric on the body

– Compression fabric on sleeves and shoulders with sublime disappearing pattern

– YKK zipper at the front over the entire length

– Three traditional back pockets with additional pocket zippered

– Bontrager logo on the hem at the edge to prevent tucking up the shirt

– A tailored cut, giving the feeling of a second skin, equates performance and protection.

Brand: Bontrager


SKS B42 Commuter 2 Bicycle Fender Set

sks commuter bicycle fender set

  1. Lightweight and strong with high protection against corrosion and resistant to U.V.
  2. The ASR-plug is the solution for Foreign parts caught up by the tire, which sometimes leads to the blocking of the front wheel.
  3. My only complaint is that there isn’t a lock nut on the pinch bolt for the stays.
  4. This is easily solved by applying Loc-Tite to the threads and letting it dry before mounting the fenders.
  5. These fenders are wide enough for 32-35c tires (depending on the tire)
    These fenders just fit in a SOMA ES, which is designed to accommodate 38c tires without fenders, without any trimming.
  6. If your bike cant take 32c tires then these fenders are too big for your bike.
  7. Its possible that you can just bolt these on, but its also possible you may have to trim the fenders or the metal fender stays.
  8. What you’ll need to install these:
    8mm wrench, allen wrenches, heavy duty wire cutters for 16G wire, spacers, blue lock-tight, probably some nylon washers/spacers.
  9. The wire cutter are to cut the stays to length (on most bikes)
    You’ll probably need spacers for the chainstay bridge and also to clear brake calipers if you have disc brakes.
  10. They took me a little less than an hour to install – the directions are kind of confusing with a whole bunch of terms that don’t make much sense (“mudguard shackle”, “sliding bridge”, etc.).
  11. Neither end of the rear fender had three holes, nor did a piece that looked like the diagram come with it.
  12. The last direction in the rear is the most important (should have come first).
  13. I did it with a dremel cut-off wheel while on the bike – just slipped a small piece of metal (a thin washer) behind and cut them off.
  14. I didn’t cut the rear ones down – seemed unnecessary as they are behind a rack.
  15. The unit is very finely adjustable and I was able to get a really nice fit, though it took quite a bit longer than other fenders I’ve installed.
  16. I was hesitant to purchase these at first because of mixed reviews, but I’m glad I did.
  17. It seems the negative reviews are from people who (1) bought the wrong size or (2) never work on bicycles.
  18. The printed and online instructions were easy to follow.
  19. The printed instructions failed to indicate what to do with the washers, which was their only shortcoming.
  20. The complicated part of the installation process is trimming the wire stays to size.
  21. I do not have a hacksaw or work bench, so I opted to have my local bike shop do the work.
  22. Definitely remind your bike mechanic to trim the wire stays to size before installation.
  23. You cannot use a hacksaw once the fenders are mounted, so you will have to clip off the tips (with varying degrees of success) if you forget.
  24. The bike shop I went to forgot this step, so the mechanic had to do a lot of clipping.
  25. The clipping took only a few minutes, but the wires are thick, so lots of elbow grease was required and the metal bits shot off in all directions.
  26. Remembering the first step makes everything a lot easier.
  27. I had then over some 700x32c and they fit, but were very very picky about being adjusted perfectly.
  28. They include plenty of hardware to fit whatever fittings your bike has, as long as it has some.
  29. If your bike lacks braze-ons, then you’ll need some p-clamps to hold the fender stays.
  30. After getting them adjusted and mounted, these do a great job.
  31. I pull a kid’s trailer behind me and this keeps road dirt as well as water out of that.
  32. Super light weight, match the silver finish on my frame.
  33. They were a little more complicated to install than some other fenders I’ve used, but seem like it’ll be worth it in the long run.
  34. I got them to protect not only my butt/back from mud, but my bicycle too, since I’ll be commuting in sometimes rainy weather.
  35. I thought it would be less hassle to install, but the main trouble was I had to cut the stainless steel stays to fit the fenders properly.
  36. I didn’t want to squish/deform them with my small wire cutters, so I measured, marked and scored them with a file, then snapped them off and filed to smooth them out.
  37. Also had to take off the wheels to get them on, so the whole process took a lot longer than expected, but turned out to be kinda fun because I learned a lot more about bicycle mechanics.
  38. My only complaints are, the directions are terrible, and they need adjusting occasionally.
  39. You can find some youtube videos to help with installation, but it’s annoying that you have to adjust them now and then.
  40. Regarding sizing, the B42 fit with appropriate (but not generous) room to spare over 700 X 35 C tires — the sort of relatively snug fit I wanted.
  41. Mainly, cutting the steel wire struts to the proper length requires heavy cutting.

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