Brybelly Casino Grade Deluxe Wooden Roulette Wheel

brybelly casino grade deluxe wooden roulette wheel

  1. This item is as close to a real casino wheel as you can get without actually being in a casino.
  2. This wheel measures 32 Inch in diameter and weighs 150 pounds.
  3. This item is not recommended for actual casino use, but it is a great item for casino rentals companies and serious roulette players.
  4. Handcrafted from mahogany, this wheel features a high-gloss finish.
  5. The inner bowl is cast in aluminum while the actual dish is made from solid, aircraft aluminum.
  6. Each wheel has precision bearings for flawless operation.
  7. Take your roulette game to the next level with this casino-quality wheel.
  9. It’s as professional as you get without actually getting a pro-sized wheel.
  10. The inner wheel is metal and fairly heavy itself but will seem to spin forever as if it was weightless.
  11. The included “pills” will come to rest perfectly against the lucky number while resting on the rails of the well.
  12. I’ve played with this wheel for a few months now and there doesn’t seem to be any bias towards a particular set of numbers.
  13. I’ve included a picture with a regular sized playing card for size reference.
  14. There is a (what seems like a nail) that sticks out from the wood just enough to cause the ball to not roll as smooth as it should.
  15. Doesn’t prevent us from playing or cause a misroll, just annoying because you can hear when it hits it.
  16. My only ding is that the center handle is metalized plastic (or seems like it).
  17. I would have been worth it to me to spend a few more dollars and have better quality materials here, but for the price, this is a great wheel.
  18. But I am very disappointed regarding the sticker with the numbers.
  19. I looks like this label is to stiff and the part of this sticker comes off.
  20. It is imossible for me to fix it because it was just incorrectly installed, to close to inside circle edge and that’s why is sticking out.
  21. I am going to exchange it and I will see after that but it should be done batter way for sure.
  22. Another thing is that the diamonds should be attached a little bit stronger.
  23. The wood color is Nice but not high glossy but low gloss.
  24. I received replacement and the sticker looks better so far.
  25. It is very well crafted and will be a great centerpiece for our family game nights.
  26. The wheel spins very smooth and there is 0 noise when it’s turning.

Buy Brybelly Casino Grade Deluxe Wooden Roulette Wheel here $199.99 – $286.04

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