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High quality Allright boxing bag made of high quality artificial leather.

Sturdy, sewn-on tasktas allow for some suspension of the bag, the straps do not twist when the bag moves.





Material-high-quality artificial leather

Brand: Allright


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

everlast pound mma poly canvas heavy bag

  1. Everlast’s sole liability is limited to repairing or replacing products that are returned within this 120-day period, unless specific product literature specifies otherwise.
  2. I will reach out to the seller and update this review if they are able to assist me.
  3. She goes in the basement and pounds the crap out of it pretending it’s me.
  4. I love the fact that this comes pre-filled, and ready to hang.
  5. The only thing that I had a bit of an issue with was the hardware that was supplied to hang the heavy bag with.
  6. The chain in particular wasn’t nearly long enough to hang from my 10-ft ceiling.
  7. I also swapped out the other hardware that it came with for slightly more heavy duty hardware that I already had in my garage.
  8. Aside from the slight disappointment at the hardware, this bag is great.
  9. I’ve been using it every day, and it’s held up beautifully.
  10. Turns out when it arrived I had actually received the “Ever last power-core level 3”, Which is a 100lb (I think) bag that I believe is constructed slightly different than this.
  11. Reviews on that one are mostly god but there is a suspicious amount of people saying there is an issue with the stuffing.
  12. The one I ordered from this right here said “USED” however it looks completely new with tags and in plastic.
  13. Always awesome deals, other than this slip up today I have no complaints.
  14. Also do not try to contact Everlast as NICHE PRODUCTS EMPIRE IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED SELLER FOR EVERLAST, so they refused my return as well.
  15. This product is a waste of time, buy an unfilled punching bag that will last 10 years for the same price and fill it yourself.
  16. My son beats the heck out of it 2 or 3 times a week and still looks like new.
  17. Easy to hang when paired with Everlast hanging hardware.
  18. It is a rough material, make sure to buy gloves or wrap your hands.
  19. I would suggest getting a weight for the bottom to keep it stable.
  20. I noticed it takes a lot of weight on it to keep from constantly sliding.
  21. Slightly shorter than i had hoped, but I am 6ft 3in, 220lbs.
  22. Heavy bag you will need more chain or a separate way to hang it.

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Everlast MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

everlast mma heavy bag kit

  1. I ended up mounting this to a tree as I’m simply renting the house I’m staying at.
  2. Unless you’re buying professional quality bags at 5x the price, they’re all going to be around 3ft in length.
  3. The chain allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs.
  4. Not great for multiple users or for kickboxers, since you’ll have to adjust the height each time.
  5. If you’re practicing combinations with lots of low kicks, you’re probably too advanced for this bag anyway.
  6. Most likely, you’ll either buy a freestand that needs to be anchored with weights so it doesn’t move, or you’re going to screw a hook into a load bearing support.
  7. The hook is easy if you can drill holes in the ceiling support or you can get an L shaped support to hang off the wall.
  8. But if you don’t get it into a strong wall stud, the weight of the bag is going to destroy your wall/ceiling.
  9. I used a free stand with about 50lbs of old weights to hold it down.
  10. It takes 5x6ft of the floor, about a quarter of my second bedroom.
  11. Unless you have a room to spare or an unused basement, a punching bag is a big investment in space.
  12. I had my bag shipped to the box store, and the box was still damaged.
  13. It may just be unavoidable with something this big and heavy.
  14. Just make sure all of the parts are there, and the bag didn’t get punctured.
  15. The bag itself it pretty heavy duty, with a solid exterior and good stitching.
  16. After a year of moderate use I’ve yet to see any significant wear.
  17. It weighs down the bottom so it doesn’t sway as much when you hit it.
  18. The gloves are cheap but you should invest in good gloves if you wanna box or hit the bag.
  19. Everything is good, although the gloves it comes with kinda suck but hey for the price and to be included it ain’t all that bad.
  20. I put them next to my other 14 oz gloves so people don’t think they are good for boxing more like training only.
  21. I had to get creative as the -beam is very wide and I cant find a mount for it yet, but I am still searching.
  22. Until then the method I used will hold me without issue and I weigh 300 pounds more than the bag.
  23. Like I said I am a big dude, at 380 pounds I can deliver a heck of a blow and this bag can take it, the last bag I had I ended up ripping the support straps off of it, I don’t think that will be an issue with this one as the support straps look very well made, I will update of course if there is an issue.
  24. I am not a fan of the gloves that come with it, they cause my wrists to bend, but the wraps are perfect and actually replaced my old original wraps I loved so well.
  25. The bungee cord that came with it I used on the Anchor that I bought as well, I went ahead and doubled them up just in case.
  26. All in all I would happily recommend this bag for beginners and pro’s alike, it is well made, will hold up to abuse and is going to last me a long time.
  27. If you use the gloves and hand wraps that come with this you will almost certainly injure yourself.
  28. You only get one pair of hands – treat them right and use at least 12 oz training gloves and get 180 inch hand wraps.
  29. Our teenage children use it to practice their Tae Kwon Do punching and kicking.
  30. It’s been handling the medium/light abuse it has been getting just fine.
  31. Our bag came with open ended gloves which the children tried once and really didn’t care for.
  32. Overall a quality bag punching bag with some nice accessories.
  33. I will say that when you hang the bag make sure the flat side of the metal hangers are situated facing the bag straps.
  34. Somehow one of our metal hangers got turned and it started to cut one of the bag straps.
  35. I work out of town and when I finally get home and I open it, the zipper is broken and there is a tear in the corner.

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