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Bag made of tarpaulin material imported from Austria, manufactured especially for order with increased strength.

This is not just a tilt! in its structure it has embedded additional nylon fiber, providing much greater tear resistance than cheap plain tarpaulin.

The proof of durability is that it is used for rescue helmets for firemen and stuntmen! The whole is sewn with double coarse threads, coated with liquid polymer pf 550, for the purpose of improving mechanical properties and resistance to friction wear and material cutting (better durability)

The bag is filled with a mixture:

– 40% of knitted scins-to give the ideal weight

– 40% of material scims-for the best volume

– 20% scinek fleece-so that the bag has the right elasticity

Do not add any "torpedoes" to the sacks which are the most common reason for deformation and bad balancing of the bag! Binding of the bag is reinforced with an additional material sewn on, and a sealing flap and metal eyelets for tying the cord.

The wrap around belt not only protects the hand against abrasions from hitting, but above all strengthens the weakest point of the structure! This application

increases the strength of the bag by up to 30%.

The four-arm nose is sewn into a belt with a certificate for 400 kg. double-sided polyester fastening tape 40 mm This type of tapes is used in the industry, among other things, for car halls.

The whole is secured by chain-based reinforcement and belayed by strong rivets, upper arms are mounted on a common thick three (8mm)

triangles are galvanized and polished Bag filled with 36 kg

Brand: Shin-Do

shin do

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