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SHIN-DO boxing gloves are made of a shell-like fabric with increased strength parameters and filled synthetic foam.

They are designed for the youngest boxing students.

Gloves are connected.

Brand: Shin-Do

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Velocity Boxing Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag w/ Pair of Gloves, Hand Pump, Adjustable Height 35 – 53″ (Red/Blue)

velocity boxing children deluxe freestanding reflex punching bag pair gloves han

  1. This punching bag set features a height adjustable, spring action reflex bag!<
  2. The stand is height-adjustable from 35 to 53 inches, perfect to find the ideal spot for use.
  3. Perfect for improving hand/eye coordination, increasing cardio, speed, and agility!<
  4. Includes everything needed such as a pair of boxing gloves, hand pump with needle, assembly hardware.
  5. For maximum stability, base can be filled with sand or water.
  6. Some assembly is required, however assembling is easy and straightforward with instructions printed directly on box.
  7. Each Velocity Boxing product is made and engineered up to high quality standards.
  8. At the bottom of the base there is a screw that when unscrews touches the floor and ruins your hardwood floor.
  9. I had to repair the floor when I caught it and installed a lock washer.
  10. The bolt is too low to the floor to be able to install any plastic cap on it.
  11. Also the pole is tilted about 5-10 degrees due to the design (not am item quality defect).
  12. I can honestly and truthfully say that this is a high quality, fairly priced toy that serves its purpose both as a toy, and a valuable fitness tool.
  13. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, he watches at the expense of playing and exercise.
  14. This fun toy invites him up off the couch, into the land of imagination where he can pretend he’s is training for “the big fight” and, most importantly, into better physical condition.
  15. He feels better, acts better, seeks healthier food and drinks more water when he is active.
  16. This product should be, in my opinion, available to all children for the cardiovascular workout it offers.
  17. We used the teflon tape when assembling and have had no problem.
  18. It was hard to keep my kids from using it before filling the base with sand.
  19. This is going to be a great stress/anger release for my young son.

Buy Velocity Boxing Children’s Deluxe Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag w/ Pair of Gloves, Hand Pump, Adjustable Height 35 – 53″ (Red/Blue) here $38.95

SISU Mouth Guards Junior 1.6mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard for Kids

sisu mouth guards junior custom fit sports mouthguard for kids

  1. Combined with its quick, custom and remoldable fit, you´ll entirely forget there’s something awesome and plastic inside your mouth.
  2. It’s custom-fitting and you’ll be able to talk, breathe and drink better than ever before.
  3. Made from antimicrobial material and armed with a built in ventilation system, SISU Case inhibits growth of bacteria during storage.
  4. The case provides extra storage for personal items and is equipped with a carabiner handle for easy carrying.
  5. SISU Case is perfect for Aero, Max and Junior Guards, which are sold separately.
  6. All SISU guards can be quickly and easily molded (and re-molded) to the individual user at home with hot water.
  7. With SISU guards, superior comfort does not mean sacrificing protection.
  8. SISU guards are compatible with braces, but a dental professional should be consulted for proper fitting (adult-sized guard recommended for all ages wearing braces).
  9. While its easy to do as an adult, its much more difficult to work with your child.
  10. He was trying his best but we could not get it lined up right.
  11. But the instructor noticed that there was a ridge that had formed and could scrape his inner lip.
  12. I decided to try and reform the mouth guard one more time.
  13. However, instead of dropping the entire mouth guard into a cup of hot water, this time I used a small shallow sauce holder.
  14. This is a tiny saucer that you could use to put soy sauce into at a sushi restaurant.
  15. With such a small container, it was easy to heat a small amount of water in the microwave in less than 1 minute.
  16. I was able to just dip the portion of the mouth guard with the wrinkle into the water.
  17. So the mouth guard retained its over all shape but I was able to soften the plastic in just a small area, put the guard in my son’s mouth and had him smooth out the wrinkle with his fingers.
  18. In a few minutes the guard re-solidified into a perfect shape.
  19. Use the small saucer tip for minor adjustments once you’ve got the form close and you will get good results for your kid!<
  20. And what I love most is that any time they say it starts to feel tight or loose, or they lose or grow teeth, I can reheat it and shape it again.
  21. We have reshaped these more times than I’d like but I love that it’s possible.
  22. There is some visible wear on the plastic from grinding, but that’s the point!
  23. Dentists totally over charge for their fancy “real” night guards.
  24. Having used both, I see no need whatsoever to get one from a dentist.
  25. It was a little tricky to shape at first, but we figured it out.
  26. In the instructions it said to use warm water but we found that it actually had to be very hot to soften the plastic.
  27. Just be sure to hold it out of the water for a few second before putting it in your child’s mouth!<
  28. My son loves wearing this thing and even wears it during the day at times (he thinks it’s cool).
  29. He sleeps comfortably and says it doesn’t bother him at all.
  30. My other boy is a minimalist and would probably hate wearing a night guard.
  31. We got him a little denture cleaning container and tablets and he happily sets it up for cleaning all by himself each morning.
  32. The bottom line is that he no longer has jaw pain from grinding his teeth at night and we have successfully stopped the wear on his teeth.
  33. I could see this needing to be replaced in a year or so, but will gladly buy another one.
  34. I’m glad we discovered that he needs a night guard before his adult teeth came in!<
  35. I was assistant coach of her lacrosse team last year and am head coach this year and have told all of the parents of my players about SISU.
  36. We have a hard time getting our girls to keep boil-and-bite mouthguards in their mouths; they end up chewing on them all the time!<
  37. They’re bulky, so the girls need to take them out to drink water or even talk.
  38. When the guard isn’t where it’s supposed to be, it’s not protecting the teeth.
  39. In our daughter’s first year of lacrosse we went to a local orthodontist who offers the first mouth guard for free.
  40. They had to do impressions, which I rapidly discovered is no picnic with a 5 year old.
  41. Those dentist-molded mouthguards can be expensive and once a child starts losing their baby teeth and getting adult teeth in their place, the guards can’t be re-molded.
  42. Our daughter keeps her guard in her mouth and she can drink water and talk clearly with it in.
  43. She says it’s comfortable and she feels no need to chew on it because it fits so well.
  44. I won’t lie, there’s a learning curve on molding these on a younger kid.
  45. Our first SISU guard went through a solid 10 re-warmings of the plastic before we got a reasonable fit and the effort ate up around an hour of time, during which both the 6 year old and I became quite frustrated.
  46. It didn’t help matters that at the time she was missing 3 of her 4 top incisors due to having recently lost baby teeth; there just wasn’t much to “anchor” the guard in the front of her mouth.
  47. That said, once you get the hang of it, subsequent moldings and re-moldings to accommodate new adult teeth will go smoothly!<
  48. Have your child practice sucking in their cheeks and pushing up with their tongue before you warm the mouthguard to mold it.
  49. I used the example of “fish lips” and that seemed to work for her.
  50. If you have an electric tea kettle, it’s ideal for heating the water.
  51. I’ve found that because it requires some handling from an adult to maneuver the guard into the child’s mouth, molding goes most smoothly when the water is close to boiling temperature.
  52. Use tongs or a fork to lift the guard out of the hot water.
  53. It took is a couple of tries to get it molded correctly though.
  54. Luckily you can just put it in the hot water again to re-form it if it doesn’t come out correctly the first time.
  55. I am ordering 2 more right now to have spares because our 5 year old has been wearing this for 2 months to stop grinding her teeth at night.
  56. You can trim the mouthpiece if it is a little too long and then file it down a bit if needed.
  57. It’s completely shapeable, re shapeable, and very thin and light.
  58. I don’t know how it would work with contact sports but it has been great for us and teeth grinding!<
  59. My daughter used it staring at age 6, until she got her braces.
  60. Have molded a lot of mouth guards over the past 12 years for two separate kids but just couldn’t get it to work.
  61. Followed directions and could not get the material to bend enough to actually fit around my daughter’s teeth.

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