boxing glove to Velcro shin to rb
SHIN-DO boxing gloves made of a criss-cross fabric with improved strength parameters.

Gloves filled with polycotton, are fastened with Velcro, recommended for training.

Brand: Shin-Do

shin do

Pair of Knee Compression Sleeves Neoprene 7mm for Men & Women for Cross Training WOD, Squats, Gym Workout, Powerlifting, Weightlifting by MAVA SPORTS

pair knee compression sleeves neoprene for men amp women for cross training wod

  1. We will exchange your item asap if you’re having sizing issues.
  2. UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you didn’t get the right size or the color you wanted, please contact us and we will take care of everything ASAP.
  3. We answer all our messages in less than 12 hours so you’re in good hands.
  4. We pride ourselves with offering unmatched customer support!
  5. Knee Compression is Proven to PROMOTE MUSCLE RECOVERY & INJURY PREVENTION, promoting muscle and joint health, offering optimal muscle support during wear.
  6. ANATOMICALLY SHAPED FOR PERFORMANCE – achieve more from your sessions with these strong neoprene knee sleeves.
  7. Do NOT order a size down since it won’t give you better compression.
  8. Their unique design provides the best support for heavy squats, cross training, leg presses and high intensity weight lifting.
  9. Enter code MAVATHXX at checkout Enter code MAVATHXX at checkout.
  10. Like Vince Lombardi once quipped when players were hurt “The knee’s, the knee’s, it’s always the knee’s”.
  11. The knee’s are every persons weakest link and if you want to stay fit, you need to protect them.
  12. I have tried many other braces and now I am trying these for the first time.
  13. I had my concerns purchasing a brace without an open patella, but the fit and support from this brace is top notch and they do not slid down.
  14. I have included a sizing chart via attached jpeg picture from the Mava site.
  15. Side note: you can toss these in a washer, but remember to only air dry them.
  16. These are also competition grade sleeves which means they are 7mm thick, this is the thickest knee sleeves are made!
  17. If you’re needing something for more support you need to switch to a knee brace.
  18. These are not for all day use however, being they are 7mm neoprene they do not breathe!
  19. But you want that for working out/running because it keeps your knees warm as you work them.
  20. If you want all day support I suggest getting 3mm to 5mm sleeves made from a more breathable material.
  21. The only reason I gave them four stars instead of 5 is because of the design they tend to bunch a bit behind the knee so I find myself adjusting them every so often.
  22. They fit as expected, I measured my knee and ordered an XL and they fit perfectly.
  23. I’ve had them for several weeks so far and use them pretty much daily.
  24. They have NOT started to fall apart or rip at the seams.
  25. I am really happy with this product and Thank you so much MAVA.
  26. But thanks to a guy at the gym, who shared the same story.
  27. He mentioned his new capabilities using the Mava sleeve.
  28. He was able to once again perform squats that I hate so much but greatly needed for my deteriorating legs.
  29. THANK YOU MAVA, once again I’m able to return to working out my legs due to the great support I have from these knee sleeves.
  30. It feels so good to know the sleeves are giving me support and flexibility to perform my leg workout.
  31. I hate feed backs like this, but I just had to write this one, because these sleeves work.
  32. Being the best priced knee sleeves around I was skeptical a little at first.
  33. I crossfit, olympic lift, and power lift and these sleeves have held up nicely.
  34. I did however started to notice a slight seperation on the same spot on both sleeves.
  35. They told me that these could have been a bad batch and quickly sent me a code for a free pair.
  36. I cannot express how impressed I am with this seller and will be buying more of Mava Sports products in the future.
  37. These sleeves are priced great and are backed by a company that cares about its customers.
  38. I made sure to measure my knee with the directions on the product page.
  39. When my sleeves arrived the fitment was perfect, just enough stretch to need to roll them on but onece in place they were perfect.
  40. The issue I have that makes the product only one star is during the second set of squats the sleeve got very loose.
  41. When I looked at it, the stitching down the back of the sleeve had completely pulled apart.
  42. I’d hope this was a fluke but after several years of powerlifting I finally bought a set on recommendation and couldn’t even get through a set before they broke.
  43. Part 2-
    Customer Service:
    Mava customer service is one of the best experiences I have had with any customer service in as long as I can recall!
  44. Once they heard I had an issue, they contacted me the next day!
  45. The replacement sleeves were on their way to my house before the ink was dry on my return label.
  46. They showed genuine concern for the issue with their product as well as my opinion.
  47. I sit right in between sizes based on their sizing chart and they recommend moving up a size if you are on the high end.
  48. They made sure I was aware of the correct method of measuring and replaced the defective sleeves without question.
  49. Product:
    My Mava knee sleeves fit well, not quite as snug as I’d prefer but they don’t slip up or down with use so I am pleased with the fit.
  50. The feel of the sleeve is solid and stitching is more durable this time.
  51. The sleeves do exactly what they are made for during a lift, my knees stayed warm and loose with no discomfort whatsoever.
  52. Thank you Mava Team for your prompt attention and genuine concern for your product and your customer!
  53. My only regret is that I left them home when I went snowboarding for the first time, I could have used the extra warmth and cushion!<
  54. Really stabilized my knees and helped improve my squat form.
  55. I’m not a powerlifter or anything- just doing basic strength training with older joints.
  56. The companies response was very quick and provided me with opportunity to exchange my original item.

Buy Pair of Knee Compression Sleeves Neoprene 7mm for Men & Women for Cross Training WOD, Squats, Gym Workout, Powerlifting, Weightlifting by MAVA SPORTS here

®BeFit24 Medical Compression Pantyhose for Women (23-32 mmHg, 120 Denier, Class 2) – Support Hose…

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  1. Now you can spend as much time on your feet as you want without any pain!
  2. Put this pantyhose on and notice significant swelling reduction from day one.
  3. Helps with bad circulation, leg soreness and tightness.
  4. No more muscle fatigue, aching, swelling or discomfort even after going out all day walking.
  5. If yes, then you just found the solution you have been looking for!
  6. Befit24 surgical tights, designed to remove excess fluids through specially designed compression, does not only offer support for above mentioned situations, but also do wonders for its owners where they even drop a dress size.
  7. This breathable leg shaper is figure hugging and comfortable to wear.
  8. No tugging, no sagging, no discomfort, and not overly warm.
  9. Feels gentle on skin and prevents irritation or itching.
  10. Put it on to gain confidence and dress the way you want and not the way you are have to!
  11. Along with 5-year warranty and available promotions (see above below the price), you can’t afford not to buy this awesome, high quality product.
  12. The high-end construction is totally apparent even from the first sight and confirmed at the very first moment you wear them.
  13. The only compression tights for women that has been designed to provide you with unmatched comfort and superior support.
  14. Why These Women Compression Tights Are The Best Ones You Could Ever Get: Non-binding waist opening feels gentle on your skin and prevents irritation or itching!<
  15. Specially designed to promote blood circulation and effectively energize the body throughout the day!<
  16. The carefully manufactured breathable material offers next-level comfort and delivers a sense of euphoria when wearing them!<
  17. Incredibly effective at reducing swelling and providing relief from muscle soreness and tightness!<
  18. I’m 5’8″ with the average/slightly long for my height inseam of 32″ and the taller size was way too big which led to the hose gathering in uncomfortable clumps behind my knees within 20 min of putting them on.
  19. I’d say that you shouldn’t get the longer ones unless your inseam is at least 34″ and even that might be pushing it.
  20. For compression hose these are fairly comfortable; the fibers that they are made of definitely feel nicer than most of my other compression hose (some of which were significantly more expensive).
  21. They are not however quite as comfortable as I was hoping based on the product description of it’s “Non-binding waist opening”.
  22. Other reviewers have mentioned the bulge in the thighs where the compression stops and some of them even said that’s just how all compression hose are which is absolutely not true.
  23. I’ve been wearing compression hose on and off for 10 years now and have purchased many different brands and this is the first time I’ve had this issue.
  24. Every other pair I’ve purchased avoids this by gradually lessening the compression as you get to the top of the thighs.
  25. Most “beige” colors are pretty bad but this one has an unpleasant greyish/green cast to it.
  26. Most verified purchasers are unhappy with the bulges at the top of the legs.
  27. However in trying to buy compression hose elsewhere they are all made this way, which if your buying for the first time, you need to know this.
  28. To resolve the issue with bulging thighs at the top of the legs it was suggested to me to buy a girdle.
  29. Be aware The compression stops about 2-3 inches below the buttocks, which doesn’t feel the best so if you can’t tolerate try a lesser compression.
  30. It was said to me that if you need these hose you will deal with it.
  31. I wore these for an 8 hour shift today on my feet, and for the first time in a long time no sock marks and swelling.
  32. Be aware there is no compression in the groin/abdomen area (this may be good or bad depending on what you are looking to do or how thin you are).
  33. I had to return the first pair sent to me but the company was great in responding to me and replaced them.
  34. They are in Europe making calling them difficult but they were responsive through email.
  35. The feet were comfortable (not squeezing my toes i’m a size 9 foot).
  36. The groin and stomach area were comfortable while sitting but did not provide compression while standing and the difference in leg to abdomen compression feels very awkward but they are all this way.
  37. In fact, after ordering 2 pair, I immediately ordered 3 more.
  38. I had blood clots in my leg over 20 years ago, and the vein damage was extensive.
  39. I’m only 40 now, but was having a lot of pain just sitting during the day.
  40. I couldn’t deal with the thigh high stockings that were torture to get on and constantly rolled down my legs all day.
  41. I wouldn’t wear them, and while these aren’t at the compression recommended by my doc, I figure this is way better than nothing and they have eased the pain.
  42. The first time I wore one of my black pair, and yes, the FIRST TIME, I got a hole in the knee.
  43. I immediately put clear nail polish on it, just like with regular nylons, but it looks ridiculous because it’s right above the knee in the front so unless I’m in pants, it is in plain view.
  44. I wore another pair of suntan a couple weeks later 2 times, and got a big run in the toe that quickly spread up about midway up the foot.
  45. Again, I threw on some nail polish and this is on the top of the foot, so it’ll be covered when I wear boots, but no other type of shoe.
  46. So while I really like these and honestly felt I’d found something to help my poor legs, I’m really disappointed that 2 of the 5 had runs within 1-2 uses.
  47. To help with those concerned with comments about bulging, I am just over 5’6″, 160lbs, wear about a size 10’ish.
  48. My legs are a little on the longer side, but I got the regular size and they fit perfect.
  49. Sometimes my thighs get a little raw by the end of a 10 hour day of sitting with them on, but I definitely notice my legs don’t burn the way they do when I don’t wear them.
  50. For the price, it will make me hesitate to purchase more unfortunately.
  51. The compression is comfortable and they are easier to don than most medium compression hose.
  52. The fabric is reasonably soft (for soft in compression hose, you have to buy opaque, which I personally find too heavy) and the knit isn’t as binding or tight as some hose, especially the lower end ones.
  53. I have wore compression hose for years and tried most every brand.
  54. These are comparable to the top brands for fit and comfort.
  55. I don’t know about durability, but for the money (quarter the cost of medical labels), it isn’t an issue.
  56. If you want color in compression, go for Medi, but fashion and compression are not synonymous.
  57. I also purchased a pair of thigh highs to wear at night.

Buy ®BeFit24 Medical Compression Pantyhose for Women (23-32 mmHg, 120 Denier, Class 2) – Support Hose… here $49.95

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