pear boxing toy g
Small boxing pear from Shin-Do type Boxing.

The pear is designed for fixing from the top (suspended).
It can easily be mounted on the door frame, by the ceiling or ladder. Made of strong organic skin. Dimensions:

– height: 29 cm,

– height of handle: 36 cm,

– circumference: 60 cm,

– diameter: 20 cm

– Weight: 1 kg.

Brand: Shin-Do

shin do

Banzai Kids Inflatable Mega Boxing Gloves

banzai kids inflatable mega boxing gloves

  1. Put on a pair of these giant, inflatable, oversized mitts and challenge your opponent to a friendly match and throw painless punches.
  2. Each glove are 25″L x 18″W x 14″ with a 12″ diameter punching surface.
  3. Seller is not responsible for consequential, incidental or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever.
  4. Seller’s liability is limited to the amount paid by Buyer including shipping/handling charges.
  5. These things are badly made ,i understand that they are cheap.
  6. Upon opening the box and trying to inflate them I found out one of them was torn at the seam and would not inflate.
  7. A repair patch was included in the box but it was way too small to fix the issue.
  8. After one use by my 8 year old boys and his friends, the seams opened and the gloves deflated.
  9. I don’t think that they would be able to manipulate them.
  10. Although there are two pairs on the box there’s only one pair in the box.
  11. Pardon me for thinking that a box of blow up boxing gloves would include enough to box with another person.
  12. The product itself was ok but a bit difficult for small hands.
  13. Strap holding the glove in position broke after 5 minutes of use by 10 year olds.

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Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag

big time toys socker bopper power bag

  1. It won’t hurt them while knocking around and is soft on their hands while hitting.
  2. You don’t have to worry about it falling over, either, because it always bounces back!
  3. Start them out early with the Socker Bopper Power Bag and by the time they’re adults, they’ll be able to protect themselves and others.
  4. CATHARTIC RELEASE: This is also a great toy for channeling behavior that you wouldn’t want them using on the playground.
  5. Giving your child an innocent and comfortable space to release their emotions is key to healthy living and development.
  6. PHYSICAL FUN: Pull those kids away from the TV and the tablets and get them doing more physical activity.
  7. Keep them strong and healthy by giving them toys like the Socker Bopper Power Bag which is both exciting and exercising!
  8. Socker Boppers Power Bag features the worlds fastest bounce back action.
  9. Adjustable speed bounce back action is dependent on how much sand (or water) you add to the base.
  10. Punch with fists or make a separate purchase of the Socker Boppers to put on your hands.
  11. Totally Safe: This Power Bag is weighted at the bottom and inflated with air.
  12. Physical Fun: Pull those kids away from the TV and the tablets and get them doing more physical activity.
  13. Put water or sand in the base and air in the top, then give it your best shot.
  14. It will take the blow from your aspiring pugilist and bounce back for more.
  15. It is water weighted , air-inflated for soft, safe fun!
  16. In this corner, measuring in at approximately 4 feet tall and weighing in around the same as a bucket of water we have the Socker Bopper Power Bag from Big Time Toys.
  17. And in this corner we have your child from your home getting ready to give it a whack.
  18. This Power Bag is the next must have toy on the market, unlike any other ones out there.
  19. Your child can finally be like their favorite super hero and learn all of the cool fighting tricks and moves.
  20. They just sock the Power Bag however they’d like and it pops right back.
  21. You can’t knock it down!” Weight the bag at the bottom with water so no matter what direction it is hit; it jumps back into place.
  22. The top is inflated with air, so it is soft both on hands and on house hold items, giving you peace of mind about your home and child’s safety.
  23. Plus, you can finally pull them away from all of their electronic items and get them doing something active.
  24. You might even pique an interest in martial arts or wrestling, which are healthy activities and great methods of self-defense.
  25. Let’s the kid use their imagination, perhaps a “Super Hero Training Camp” .
  26. The Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag is an excellent toy for your child or a child you may know, know, no matter their age, or gender.
  27. Since we were keeping it inside, I really didn’t want to fill the bottom up with water, so I took peoples advice’s and filled it with rice.
  28. It took a 5lb bag to fill it enough to do what it is suppose to do (stand back up after being punched).
  29. For the price, size, and durable feel of the material used, this is the best one I’ve owned.
  30. It will eventually have issues with holding air as they all do over a period of time; I think that’s the nature of this toy in general due to the abuse they get so mentally prepare yourself for that if you buy any version of this toy.
  31. We’ve owned this one for a month now and it’s doing pretty well from the abuse it gets from my 5 and 7 year old boys give it.
  32. I give it 5 starts because in comparison to other versions of this toy, this is the best I’ve owned.
  33. I told him every time he gets angry to go and hit the punch bag instead of hitting people or throwing toys around.
  34. We had it for about a month when one of my kid made a hole with something sharp by mistake, I tried everything to plug that hole but it was impossible since it was at the bottom where the seam is, and it is all wavy at the bottom so it is impossible to repair that hole.
  35. One started deflating after one hour and the second one started deflating after two hours.
  36. They punched it and no one would get hurt and the bag would pop right up.
  37. My two year old loved putting it on its side and would sit and jump on it, which ended up being the reason for its demise but I am truly amazed with how long it lasted.
  38. It lived through a lot of poor treatment for way too long.
  39. It lasted 5 months but if your child uses it for what it is intended for I’m sure it will last for as long as your child wants it to.
  40. The material is a thick vinyl material and the back is filled with water at the base to help it pop up after being hit.
  41. I was always afraid it would leak but even after we popped the top portion on purpose it never leaked.
  42. This bag is a lot of fun for my boys and their parents as well.
  43. She was excited to get it, but it was defective and won’t stay inflated.
  44. I inflated it before bed so she could play with it first thing in the morning, but it was deflated by then.
  45. I’ve filled it twice since then but the same thing happens.
  46. If I spent half the cost of the bopper to return it, I’d get a refund.
  47. Home Depot or Lowes) A few times with this socker bopper and granddaughter no longer hits/punches.
  48. A good indoor to use up outdoor energy when the weather is too hot or cold to be outside.
  49. Item arrived in the time promised and in good condition.
  50. After maybe a week of use by four little boys (8 and under), it sprang a micro-leak in the bottom chamber that we had filled with water.
  51. It only falls to the ground if someone is not holding it.
  52. My grandson got one for Christmas it split on the side seam the customer service was great they replaced the product immediately.
  53. Leaked water all over our carpet the 2nd day we owned it.

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