Brubeck Active Wool Merino Womens Top

brubeck active wool merino womens top

  1. Made of the finest quality merino wool fibres, our ACTIVE WOOL T Shirt is perfect for those active individuals who look for a universal product for various weather conditions.
  2. Two layers and seamless design result in exceptional thermoregulation qualities which protect body from cold or overheating.
  3. Due to the high wool elasticity the shirts won’t crease or distort.

Buy Brubeck Active Wool Merino Womens Top here $31.00 – $36.00

Brubeck Women Active Wool Merino Long Sleeve Top

brubeck women active wool merino long sleeve top

  1. Thanks to great wool flexibility, the underwear fits the body perfectly, it does not crumble, and its shape remains unchanged.
  2. Thanks to its bacteriostatic properties the knitwear remains fresh.
  3. Due to the special properties of the knitwear and the finest quality of finishing, it is pleasantly soft and does not trigger allergy or irritation.
  4. The merino wool is exceptionally fine; four times thinner than human hair which gives outstanding thermal properties.

Buy Brubeck Women Active Wool Merino Long Sleeve Top here $32.99

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