caliper clamp buckle black red
Sidi Caliper Buckle, black and red shoe buckles.

Brand: SIDI


Cobra Mamba Double Buckle Release Black Strap Red Calipers

cobra mamba double buckle release black strap red calipers

  1. Features thin dual caliper jaws and release set screw to adjust sensitivity.

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Sidi Cycling Shoe Replacement Caliper Buckle (Black/Red)

sidi cycling shoe replacement caliper buckle black red

  1. Look closely at the new strap and you will see that the sides are recessed and this is required to work with these buckles.
  2. I got lucky and found a replacement buckle at my local shop after buying these buckles.
  3. I am VERY disappointed that Sidi made a change that impacted my ability to fix shoes that are advertised to have parts replaced over time.
  4. Over the last few years I’ve bought a few pairs to try and replace them but nothing is as comfortable for long rides as my trusty sidis.
  5. So I just keep going back until one day the buckle finally gave up after a crash.
  6. I decided to try and spend a few bucks rather than a few hundred, and boom my shoes are like new, and these buckles are a bit nicer than the old ones.
  7. Make sure you buy a new strap as well because they are a bit different than the old ones.
  8. I’ve done a lot of research, and you will not find replacement straps for the older models.
  9. Anything short of buying new shoes, these are what you need.
  10. I love my Side Genius shoes since I have exra wide feet, so I can’t see replacing them since they fit great and are pretty expensive.
  11. I’ve seen where people say they won’t work with the older Genius shoes, but I’ve found this is just not true.
  12. Then the buckle locked up and I could barely remove them.
  13. They look relatively the same, but the ratchet strap is too wide for them.
  14. It was to narrow for the strap on my mountain bike shoes and the hole to mount it on the shoe was on the wrong end.
  15. When I looked again, I could not find one that matched my shoe.
  16. Replacing a much older buckle so had to trim down the old strap as this buckle is marrower.
  17. Buckled and the heal pad wear out after 7 years of heavy use.

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