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High UV Protection Buff Junior is a multifunctional additive that thanks to the UV filter has protective properties against the harmful effects of sunlight (blocks 95% of UV rays).

Brand: Buff


Buff UV Junior Headband

buff junior headband

  1. Thanks to the seamless construction, there are no pressure points under a helmet, and it can be worn in multiple ways so kids can have fun and be protected from the sun.
  2. I got this Buff in a Junior Size because I didn’t want it rolling down my neck.
  3. It was a bit snug going over my head, but was not too tight at all for my neck.
  4. In fact, it could be a tiny bit tighter for my preference, but I’m kind of eccentric about sun protection, anyway.
  5. Most importantly, I like that it says it will not stretch out of shape!
  6. With summer right around the corner, the doc informed us to keep it out of the sun for a while to minimize scarring.
  7. With the first band-aid removal ending in screaming, redness, pulled hair, etc, I knew this would be a long summer.
  8. These are UV protectant, washable, and work great at the beach, pool, or camp.
  9. She swam, ran, dove, surfed with these on and her forehead is shades whiter than her tanned faced – these really work!
  10. I’m a small female adult who usually finds the adult Buffs too big for my small head, lol.
  11. My daughter loves tie-dye and this was perfect for her.
  12. She has a couple others that she uses, but this is her favorite now.
  13. The buffs are versatile in how you can wear them and have plenty of other uses outside just wearing them.My daughters favorite way to wear these are pirate style, of course.
  14. He feels like a “real” fisherman and I know he is protected from the sun!<
  15. It fits well and doesn’t move or slip like some of my bandeaus do.

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Buff (High UV Protection Junior Buff) SS15

buff high protection junior buff ss

  1. TECHNICAL FEATURES: Made with 100% Coolmax Extreme Ð this special four channel fibre forms a transport system that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric.
  2. It then dries that moisture faster than any other fabric and thermo-regulates the body.
  3. It will not lose its elasticity, is colour fast and will not fade.
  4. She used it under hats and wig to protect tender scalp and as UV protection outdoors.

Buy Buff (High UV Protection Junior Buff) SS15 here $25.00

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