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bag Bulgarian to kg 1
A professional Bulgarian punching bag from ShinDo-Sport. It has two main conical handles on each side of the bag (swinging, spinning), three handles on the outside of the bag (strength exercises and upper body parts)

and two in the form of nylon tas (arms, lower parts of the body)<
. Versatile use allows you to increase the strength of all parts of the muscles.

Sacks are used as load during jumps, push-ups, squats.

They are an excellent alternative to medical balls and many other devices.


– Double sewing

– Very strong tape

– Nylon interlace

– Grid

– Layer of protective varnish

Brand: Shin-Do

shin do

BobbyPet Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed – Collapsible Round Shape for Big cat

bobbypet cat scratcher lounge bed collapsible round shape for big cat

  1. BIG ENOUGH–The large surface area holds multiple/larger cats and provides generous scratching space.
  2. Cats instinctually scratch to hone their claws, stretch their muscles and relieve stress;

    scratching also releases a special scent from glands in their paws to “mark” their home turf.

  3. Help direct that natural behavior away from your expensive furniture and toward this durable, adorable scratcher and sleep inside.
  4. The collapsible design can save space.Easy to put in bag if you go travel and easy to store it at drawer if you don’t need it .
  5. No one wants to pay for the hotel’s furniture because cat scratching .
  6. NOTE:

    Not waterproof or fireproof.

  7. They love to take their nap on it and it actually can fit two medium size cats.
  8. After we bought this, our cats can sleep inside it for the whole day and don’t want to move.
  9. After using it for four days now and it seems pretty durable too.
  10. I really like the size and my fat cat is able to expend its body on it.
  11. I got it for my male kitten, but the female kitten decided it was hers and kicks him out.
  12. All three of my kitties like the bed and so far it is holding up very well.
  13. I would definitely get another when this one wears out, but after a month, she has not scratched it up much at all.
  14. The slept on it they scratched it, I can’t even get them to come off.

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MY PET for Dog Backpack Bagpacks Pack Back Adjustable Saddlebag Hiking Training Travel Waterproof Style with Reflective Strip Accessory Blue

my pet for dog backpack bagpacks pack back adjustable saddlebag hiking training

  1. Convenient pockets for carrying food, water, and gear for you and your pet when you’re walking,travelling or camping etc.This dog backpack with weights is good for you and your pet outdoor hiking.
  2. Balanced assistance handle helps lift dog up and over obstacles when you are outward hounding.Backpack with reflective strip is cool and enhance visibility.
  3. This backpack can hold water bottles, poop bags, toys, collapsible dog bowls, first aid, weights, etc.
  4. Ergonomic padded spine and breathable mesh harness support contours to the dog’s back.This padded dog saddlebag makes your dog comfortable.
  5. This backpack with big bags in each side allows your pup to carry food, water, and gear for you and your pet comfortably

    wherever you go!It is well designed as adjustable one and ideal for dogs 50 to 90 pounds.As we design it ,the weight is distributed

    over the shoulders not the back.This backpack design is ideal for you go out walk with your dog.

  6. Please choose your size after taking every measurement

    about Chest Girth,Stomach,Neck.

  7. And take any other traits (large shoulders, long torso, etc.) into consideration.
  8. Please take care of your dog for dog can not bear too much weight.If your dog is new to dog packs, please start with a light load first and make sure

    all the straps is adjusted so that it will not slide.The rubber mesh on our dog backpack is for breathable can’t bear too much weight.

  9. Front D buckle is decorative, not for pulling dog leash.
  10. You need to balance it with two side, otherwise your dog will lean and the one side of the bag will get dirty.
  11. NOTE: If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to help.
  12. Allowed him to carry 2 Liters of water (1 Platypus bladder on each side) and 8 cups of kibble in sandwich bags.
  13. For the record, he loved it; lead the pack with a sense of purpose, waded through mud puddles, jumped over / ducked under endless log crossings, and didn’t nip at the straps once.
  14. The reflective strips were an added bonus hiking past sunset.
  15. Only adjustment was a safety pin to tighten the main chest strap an extra inch.
  16. Sizing ran mostly true, my 75lb mix has roughly a 34″ girth.
  17. Straps may have expanded, or pup may have trimmed out a tad.
  18. Heed the warnings about balance though, as I had to ensure that each side was perfectly level at each break.
  19. Otherwise it would certainly list to one side or the other.
  20. Wes is a young golden border, so still lanky and spastic.
  21. Wearing the pack made him MUCH more focused on the trail.
  22. He slowed down enough so that we’re walking together, now:) As soon as he figured out that he was carrying the water and the bowl that I normally carry, and realized that he was doing a serious job, he began to look for the pack as a sign that we are about to have an adventure.
  23. He weighs about 50 pounds, and the medium is almost too big for him right now.
  24. Good buy, but give yourself and your dog time to adjust.
  25. Pockets are large enough for a small frisbee, and a tennis ball, along with poop has.
  26. Cons: One strap clips on the opposite side of the other two, so that’s annoying when trying to get it on or off a wiggly dog.
  27. The description said it would fit dogs 25-50 pounds, so I got one because I have a 25 and a 50 pound dog.
  28. It barely fits the 50 pound, have to have the straps as small as they will go and it still wiggles around.
  29. The straps are slippery, and don’t stay for long when I make them smaller.
  30. It lasted four days of a 5-day trip and only that long because I was able to patch it together with zip-ties.
  31. I can blame the first failure on the dog, who ran off the trail chasing something and apparently got the pack caught in some dead branches.
  32. I zipped it together and that held for the rest of the trip.
  33. Unfortunately the stitching on the left side started ripping out on day 5, not due to bad behavior but apparently just bad construction; luckily we were headed out.
  34. The other dog was carrying a far better pack that showed little or no wear and tear after 5 days.
  35. While walking out the front door, my dog caught the edge of the pack on the door jamb and tore almost half of the stitches on the right side.
  36. There is only a single row of stitches holding the pocket to the harness.
  37. If you’re doing any hiking where there might be trees or rocks that could grab the pack, go with something more durable.
  38. I ordered the size appropriate for my Border Collie at 25 lbs.
  39. I really was not impressed with the overall quality either.
  40. Much more expensive but if your intent is to go camping/hiking and have the dog carry its’ own food and water it might be worth an upgrade.
  41. We put 4 or so 12oz water bottles in it for him to carry.
  42. My Shepsky is 5 months old and it is working great to get him used to hiking.
  43. We bought the biggest size they have for lab and pitbull and yes they are big on them now but they are still growing.

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