carbine climbing technology large steel cf tan zinc plated
Large brightness, high durability, high resistance to wear and mechanical damage. LARGE CF TG Climbing Technology steel carabiner. Large Steel CF TG is a carabiner with a very wide range of applications. If you are looking for a great-strength carabiner (50 kN at closed and 20 kN with an open lock!)

and a transhipment (25mm!)

– this is an offer for you.

The combination of these two attributes-strength and size makes it an ideal carabiner for work at heights. Maneuvering with a rifle, connecting even more loops and equipment will not be a problem anymore. In addition, the triplex type lock will certainly be useful for arborists.

The undoubted advantage is also the Catch-Free type of unenchanted castle, which makes it much easier to work with other equipment (links, reps, tapes).
CATCH-FREE The special profiling at the end of the lock allows you to achieve the same blocking effect as the classic "zabek", however, the handling of the carabiner is much smoother when attaching or detaching ropes, tassels, repow, bones, etc. The CF lock does not hook and does not hinder hardware manipulation.


CE-Yes (0639)


Individual test.

– Yes


Material-Hardened steel zinc plated

Blush-25 mm

Type-B, M



Dimensions-119 x 77 mm

Strength-50.15.20 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

Carabiner D Shape Buckle, INCIPIENT Aluminum Alloy locking Carabiners Bulk D ring Keychain Clip Snap Hook Outdoor Camping Equipment Assorted Colors With Screw Lock

carabiner shape buckle incipient aluminum alloy locking carabiners bulk ring key

  1. Also you can use it as a keychain or hang it on your bag as a cool decoration during the daily life.
  2. Locking Mechanism – The screw lock makes it more effective.
  3. Easy to Use – With the carefully grinding, this carabiner is very smoothly.
  4. You can even finish all operation step with only one hand.
  5. Stylish Design- Using Anodizing technology make these carabiners in variety colors.
  6. Using aluminum alloy material make this carabiner light and easy to carry.
  7. It can help you carry your shopping bags or hold a dog leash.
  8. With any carabiner I’ve had, you twist the screw lock until it tightens, thus locking the carabiner.
  9. With this product, the screw lock just keeps spinning and spinning.
  10. The screw lock will also slide up with movement and lock the carabiner spontaneously.
  11. I have one that holds my chalk bag on when I climb, and another holding my keys.
  12. On the positive side, the carabiners (excluding the screw lock) feel well made, the colors are vibrant, and my keys have not scratched the color off whatsoever.
  13. They are not as mechanically tight as climbing ones, but they work well for added security against accidental loss.
  14. I bought these to be used to secure multiple key rings on my belt loop and they perform better then the standard clip only type.
  15. The only thing keeping this from getting five stars is that the fighting collar does not cinch tight when closed.
  16. It has no problem to belay my 18oz water bottle on my backpack.
  17. But I do not think I will climb with them, If you only need to organize stuff together.
  18. If someone is looking for a non-climb carabiner I will definitely recommend this.
  19. I wanted a colorful choice of these for my daughter to pick from and this is the answer.
  20. And the locks don’t actually lock, nor do they stay in place.
  21. Pretty to look at, but don’t really function appropriately.

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