carbine a double protection climbing technology big silver titl
Climbing Technology Big is a forged MGO carabiner with a double security lock and a large 60 mm clearance.
Used together with the lonza, single or double, it allows for safe belaying during work at heights on various types of constructions.

Thanks to a large clearance, it allows for connecting large structural elements, eg poles (it can be placed on pipes with a maximum diameter of 60mm)

or in a steel line.


CE-Yes (0639)


Individual test. – Yes (12 kN)


Material-Light alloys / stainless steel

Blush-60 mm

Type-A / T

UIAA-not applicable

Weight-455 g

Dimensions-227.5 x 99.5 mm

Strength-25 kN

Lock-Automatic (with double protection)

Brand: Climbing Technology

#1 Serac Ultra Strength Locking Carabiners x2 (up to 5KN, that’s 1100 lbs of force!) Perfect for Serac Classic Single or Sequoia Double hammocks – Made from Ultralight Aircraft Grade Aluminum

serac ultra strength locking carabiners to that lbs force perfect for serac clas

  1. If aircrafts use this quality of aluminum, you’ll have nothing to worry about!
  2. Each carabiner glides open smoothly and easily clips into your hammock straps.
  3. Bite-less means you never have to worry about fraying your gear.
  4. Upgrade your hammocks with greater durability and shed a few ounces from your pack.
  5. The 2Lock security nut secures the carabiner from accidentally sliding open while reinforcing the strength of the gate.
  6. Avoid mishaps and broken wiregates from cheaper carabiners and rest easier.
  7. When not hanging your hammock, this carabiner is perfect for securely fastening gear to your backpack or anywhere else.
  8. While the caribiners that came with the hammocks were fine, I liked that these had a locking feature and were considerably lighter in weight.
  9. I have fallen in love with Serac as a company and cannot recommend them enough!
  10. Now I was one of their XL hammocks and some of their 20 foot straps!<
  11. Previously I had only been able to find much larger carabiners intended for saving your life if you fall off a cliff, or the ones you can buy for a dollar in any checkout line that are “not for use in climbing”.
  12. Lightweight, same size as the ones I have my keys on, but significantly more durable.
  13. I’ve been wanting them to use with my dog’s leash and they have been fantastic.
  14. The downside is I’m not crazy about the locking mechanism.
  15. Like I said, I’m using them on my dog leash, and the lock doesn’t stay closed tight when it bounces around a lot.
  16. It hasn’t busted open or anything, but it leaves me with a false sense of security, and if it’s not actually going to lock, I’d rather not have that extra piece on there because it just kind of gets in the way.
  17. So I use this locking one now and feel it’s much safer and I feel less stressed, Even tho that was an unusual thing to happen to the reg ones.
  18. I have a cheaper version of a locking one and it doesn’t stay locked and this one does.
  19. I needed a strong carabiner for one end of a dog leash bc my husky breaks leashes.
  20. I use in conjunction with the dog clasp for added security.
  21. As you can probably tell, we have a million keys for everything.
  22. I needed something that looked modern, that was super durable, easily accessible, and tough.
  23. Our Marina color scheme and our uniforms are white, baby blue and grey.
  24. These were a tad bit smaller than what I thought they’d be, but that ended up being a plus.
  25. I’ve tried to find slightly not-as-HUGE caribiners but apparently, before these, it seemed decent carabiners didn’t come in smaller sizes.
  26. The threads on the lock nut are smooth and the carabiner locks securely.
  27. Other brands I have purchased were very poorly made and sometimes the threads were cut incorrectly.
  28. I would NEVER trust any substantial weight to these (especially not human weight).
  29. Haven’t tested at the full weight rating, but they deal with my dogs running around just fine when I clip them to my backpack during hikes.
  30. The locking mechanism is especially nice, they are screw-threaded with some kind of mechanism that automatically shuts them.

Buy #1 Serac Ultra Strength Locking Carabiners x2 (up to 5KN, that’s 1100 lbs of force!) Perfect for Serac Classic Single or Sequoia Double hammocks – Made from Ultralight Aircraft Grade Aluminum here

DMoose Fitness Ankle Straps for Cable Machines by Double D-Ring, Adjustable Comfort fit Neoprene – Premium Ankle Cuffs to Enhance Abs, Glute & Leg Workouts

dmoose fitness ankle straps for cable machines double ring adjustable comfort fi

  1. Enjoy bigger gains and sustained workout routines at the gym.
  2. COMFORT FIT ADJUSTABILITY – These fully adjustable gym ankle straps boast a secure, high-grade nylon and thick padding to give you premium comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights.
  3. VERSATILE EXERCISE ROUTINES – These ankle cuffs are compatible with standard cable systems, resistance trainers, functional trainers, and more; great for leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors and all your favorite leg day routines.
  4. Being a true believer in ‘you get what you pay for’, I avoided this product.
  5. They are not the most comfortable but wearing normal socks as a minor cushion is sufficient.
  6. The D-rings also can dig in if doing something like a leg extension but way better than others in terms of discomfort there and getting a little creative with cushioning can eliminate it as well.
  7. They are also quiet substantial in size but hey, that’s weight distribution; I don’t think that the size would be a problem for anyone.
  8. At this price point, these are easily a 5-star product, the only issue I have is I wish I bought these first!<
  9. They have very heavy D rings, one on each end of the strap.
  10. They are very comfortable and a million times better than using the Bowflex multi use straps.
  11. My only beef with the design is it would be nice to have a double-back cinch type buckle so you could get them a bit tighter.
  12. Due the double D rings, the Velcro doesn’t carry any load.
  13. With the Bowflex, you really need about a 12″ extension strap to keep from doing a balancing act getting clipped in.
  14. I’ve tried clipping in with weight set and clipping in then connecting the rods.
  15. The velcro is only there to keep the strap from falling off, when the strap is unloaded.
  16. So with this strap, you will never have the velcro coming loose and dropping your weights, which was happening to me quite frequently with my prior single D-ring strap.
  17. This strap is also more comfortable, than the single D-ring strap, and very well made.
  18. I only wish I’d known about this strap long ago, as it’s a huge improvement over the one it replaced.
  19. I was hesistent to buy these because my gym already has the straps that go over your shoes so I would just be buying these because they’re cute.
  20. I ended up getting them because 1) It can be hard to find the straps at the gym 2) The gym ones had the strangest places to connect the cable to and the clips would bruise my ankles.
  21. They change where you’re pulling the weight from and target they glutes waaay more!
  22. I also like that they are for personal use because I’m a germaphobe.
  23. If anyone is worried about the color because the pictures make it look like there is a weird mustard yellow color in the camo, there’s not.
  24. It really helps distribute the weight evenly across my ankle.
  25. I’ve tried straps with just one ring and I will never go back.
  26. I didn’t like the hand / feet combo grips that comes with the Bowflex.
  27. I’ve only used these DMoose straps one workout day for a few different exercises, but I was impressed with them.
  28. When I first unpackaged them I was a bit skeptical with the lack of cushioning that the strap had, but when I used it I understood why it wasn’t overly cushioned.
  29. It has enough width and padding to not dig in your ankle.
  30. I don’t have room in my house for a autism swing to hang from my ceiling.
  31. So I had to come up with something totally different, I ended up getting a pull up bar for my doorway.
  32. I noticed that all the swing hardware wouldn’t work around the pull up bar.
  33. So I used my head and saw these had two metal loops and were made for weights.
  34. They work perfectly on the push up door way bar to hang my swing and swing set designed rope from, and works smoothly and it is well made!
  35. Would recommend for people making DIY autism swing holders, or other easy to take down exercise things for kids.
  36. Would only ask that it be made a little softer around the ankle.
  37. Extra-Heavy D-Rings and Steel Chain, Comfort Fit Neoprene, Superior Saddle Stitching.

Buy DMoose Fitness Ankle Straps for Cable Machines by Double D-Ring, Adjustable Comfort fit Neoprene – Premium Ankle Cuffs to Enhance Abs, Glute & Leg Workouts here $9.49 – $24.99

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