casual bag masculine on frame on lapotop black black lining

casual bag masculine on frame on lapotop black black lining 1
In our leather-washed studio, Brodrene Bags Accessories, we strive to ensure that every product meets the requirements of the most demanding users.

This is the Brodrene B01.

Thanks to the use of high quality materials and reliable quality control, we are sure that each of our products meets 100% of the requirements set for a laptop bag. Durable, well-placed handle, adjustable shoulder strap, metal protection feet and a dedicated space for a laptop with foam protection. You will find all this in the B01 model. The bag is available in 3 colors of leather and 2 interior colors. Product index B01B

Material Ecological skin

Color Black

Dimensions 39 x 29 x 9 cm

Warranty 24 months

Brand: Brodrene

Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Backpack SINOKAL Casual Crossbody Shoulder Triangle Packs Daypacks for Men Women Canvas Digital Camera Bags with Charging Port for Sport Outdoor Gym Travel Hiking

sling bag chest shoulder backpack sinokal casual crossbody shoulder triangle pac

  1. Unbelievable Storage–No other bag has this many compartments!
  2. COMFORTABLE TO WEAR–Padded ventilating back with ergonomic design for comfort.
  3. Adjustable padded single shoulder strap allows this bag to fit most people.
  4. Easily Changeable Strap Direction according to your preference.
  5. I have a sling bag like this one, but my other is smaller.
  6. It is large enough that I can fit my Ipad in it, and even my notebooks which I carry around to do work whereever I may be.
  7. It has a mesh pocket on the side which you can put anything in, I will use it for my drink for the day.
  8. There is a zipper pocket as well that opens almost all the way around giving you full access to the space.
  9. The big pocket zips as well and opens just about all the way up too.
  10. There is another pocket inside so you can separate and organize your belongings.
  11. The bag is rather durable feeling and feels like it will hold up for a long time.
  12. It would be a great bag whether you are using it for your studies, or whether you are using it for a hiking trip.
  13. It is advertised as a digital camera bag, and it would be great for that as well!
  14. I will probably use it for all of the previous mentioned.
  15. It even comes with a USB charging cable and a charging port.
  16. Although the quality was alright, this was a bit too small for my needs.
  17. The USB function was really an extension cable which can be threaded through the bag to charge.
  18. I didn’t love the brand name embroidered on the front of the bag, but it’s relatively minimal.
  19. The bright purple was a nice color, not too bright and pretty much what I expected from photos.
  20. The interior seams of this bag were nicely finished and the materials seemed of good quality.
  21. It is, a tiny bit smaller than I thought it would be, but it’s not a big deal.
  22. I kind of was curious if I could mount a small solar pack to charge the battery as I hike that I choose to use, but this bag is a little small for this purpose.
  23. Nevertheless, this bag is very sturdy and it is solidly constructed with three slots for there to be items to be slid in.
  24. It can not, fit (what I was originally thinking) a Camel back, but it is spacious enough to carry items for when you are traveling and you want to keep the items close to you for quick access.
  25. It would be great for a bag to take with you at the airports.
  26. So, I do think a 12″ item could fit depending on its width(s).
  27. Have plenty of room for pocket items, phone, knife case, speaker, charger, ect.
  28. Making sure I have items I need at either place at all times is worth it.
  29. However, really enjoy the different compartments for personal and professional division.
  30. The zippers seem sturdy, and exterior material should last a while as well.
  31. This bag is cute and not as expensive as some of the sling bags.
  32. I love all the different compartments and pockets that it has.
  33. I love the bag and it’s perfect for the uses that I have.
  34. Used it on a recent trip to Cancun and liked that I could have the bag on my back but easily slid it over to the front and have it hide the contents in my bag when I was grabbing tip money.
  35. It gave me a sense of security since I didn’t really have to pull out my wallet and expose my money.
  36. Theres also an outside pocket that you can carry a water bottle as well and the inside was roomy for me to carry an additional 2 water bottles with room to spare.
  37. It also has a convenient USB plug your able to connect from the outside which makes it easy to charge your phone.
  38. Very pleased with purchase and would definitely recommend!<
  39. It’s very comfortable to carry with you and it has a USB port that you connect to a power bank to charge your phone on the go.
  40. They designers really put alot of thought into making this product for the consumer and I could not be happier!
  41. However, this bag has the option to switch to either side.
  42. I found that very useful since my husband and I prefer to wear it on different shoulders.
  43. Other than that, I bought this sling bag mainly for its power charging feature.
  44. This function became more important day by day since I’m a heavy smartphone user.
  45. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to my friend.
  46. Within 3 weeks, the strap on the back broke and I had to stitch it back on.

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