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The MTB helmet is very important, so the Catlike LEAF helmet has been specially designed to cool your head. 23 air vents make you feel like in a refrigerator. In addition, the visor in the Catlike LEAF helmet fulfills two functions: it protects against the sunrays and tree branches that you will pass and also increases the air circulation around the head.

Thanks to the modern MPS-Evo buckling, the Catlike LAEF helmet adapts perfectly to each head shape and provides exceptional comfort. The Catlike LEAF helmet also has an insect screen that prevents the insects from invading through the ventilation holes to the inside of the helmet. CATLIKE products are used by professional cycling groups, road and MTB, among others CCC, Movistar. In the helmet of Catlike Whisper, Julien Absalon won among others IO gold medal in Beijing.

Brand: Catlike


Catlike Leaf Helmet

catlike leaf helmet

  1. Constructed using in-mold technology that bonds the outer shell to the inner foam to make it one unit, the Leaf is amazingly strong and incredibly light, with excellent impact resistance and energy diffusion performance.
  2. For additional protection the Leaf also incorporates the Safety LNP system that protects the nape of the neck and back of the head in the event of a crash.
  3. It’s not just about safety though–the Leaf is also designed to improve performance.
  4. This lightweight helmet features 23 vents with Dual Flow design, which precisely aligns the vents to channel air across the head.
  5. The MPS Evo retention system makes it easy to find the perfect fit and make adjustments while you ride.
  6. I did a lot of research reading reviews and driving around my city trying on all types of helmets from a variety of manufacturers.
  7. Not only did this model not look like a giant mushroom on top of my head, but it was super light weight and the adjuster on the back snugs up nice and comfortable.
  8. In fact, even when I release the chin strap, I can’t pull the helmet off until I loosen the adjuster, which when you’re talking about safety, means it won’t slide around or fling off if you should get in a wreck.
  9. And all the vents makes for a much more enjoyable ride in the long hot desert summers where I live.
  10. I love this helmet so much I’m writing a review, which is something I never do.
  11. Could use more cushion at the top of my nogin, but its pretty dang comfortable as it is.
  12. Breathable and comes far enough down on the back of your head to be safe for a bigger crash.
  13. A decent helmet, but if I had to do it over again, would probably not buy.
  14. I’m hoping that the large vent holes will help keep my head cooler during the Texas summer.

Buy Catlike Leaf Helmet here $69.19 – $114.99

Catlike 2017 Leaf 2C Mountain Bike Helmet

catlike leaf mountain bike helmet

  1. In fact, all top of the range Catlike models are created with double construction.
  2. The use of this technology during the injection process gives the Leaf 2C better impact absorption in the lower area of the helmet, which is normally a very sensitive area prone to hits.

Buy Catlike 2017 Leaf 2C Mountain Bike Helmet here $106.57 – $129.99

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