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The innovative design of the CATLIKE helmet differs from all helmets known so far.

Excellent ventilation, protection and style.

The helmet is made in In Mold technology. MPS matching system with adjustable support height. Inside the structure, elastic tubes filled with air absorb the energy during impact. 15 ventilation openings.

The helmet protects the back of the helmet.

Brand: Catlike


Catlike Vacuum Helmet

catlike vacuum helmet

  1. Granted, it’s not as immediately memorable as Catlike’s top-shelf Whisper Plus (the equivalent to Cippo’s zebra-striped skinsuit), but for many of us, that’s probably a good thing.
  2. More important though, is that the Vacuum is an economical alternative to the Whisper Plus, while retaining the clean lines, complex technologies, and overall striking aesthetic choices that Catlike is best known for.
  3. Like all Catlike helmets, the dramatic appearances aren’t without rhyme or reason.
  4. Each design is intelligently engineered to enhance the helmet’s ventilation efficacy while maintaining the strict safety standards established by CPSC.
  5. The Vacuum is constructed around Catlike’s Air Tube System, which, similar to the structure of the Catlike Sakana (another radical Catlike design that is not currently available on U.
  6. These fins strengthen the core structure of the helmet, and allow Catlike’s engineers to reduce weight in other areas, giving you a helmet that tips the scales under 300 grams in all three of the available sizes.
  7. The fin structure also opens up a wide range of possibilities for ventilation.
  8. The Vacuum has 19 generous vents, most of which run lengthwise around the helmet along the Air Tubes.
  9. Each forward-facing vent has a matching rear exhaust vent to keep a constant and efficient circulation of cool air over your head while you ride.
  10. The Vacuum uses the same MPS (Multi Position System) retention system as the top-shelf Whisper Plus.
  11. Bought a replacement Vacuum after my first one save my noggin in a very NASTY crash.
  12. The helmet performed beautifully, cracking in several spots to dissipate the crash energy as designed.
  13. Had a slight headache afterwards, but would have probably been dead or in a coma without it (seriously).

Buy Catlike Vacuum Helmet here $47.92 – $139.99

Catlike Whisper Helmet

catlike whisper helmet

  1. Featuring Catlike’s Safety CES honey-comb foam core that dissipates impact energy, and the Safety LNP design that protects the low nape of the neck in the event of a crash, the Whisper has some of the best protection technology out there.
  2. The MPS Evo fitting system ensures you get a perfect fit every time, and the Dual Flow vent system perfectly matches up the 39 air-intake and exhaust vents in the front and back to efficiently channel air across your head.
  3. I struck a piece of a large branch hidden in some leaves on the road and went over the handle bars.
  4. Fortunately I was going up a small hill and only traveling about 15 MPH at the time.
  5. I picked up plenty of road rash on my face, arms and legs as well as some pretty good bruising on my chest from the handle bars.
  6. The helmet was broken in 3 places and the finish was in rough shape, but it did it’s job of dispensing the energy of the impact.
  7. I walked away from the accident without any head injury which is of course the reason you invest in a good helmet.
  8. I have little doubt I would have ended up in the hospital if I had been riding without a helmet.
  9. Besides the cool factor and the way it looks I love the air flow I get from this.
  10. I live in the South where we can easily get 100f days and every bit of extra air flow to the head on a long ride is a plus.
  11. I have a larger head and this thing fits perfectly for me.
  12. You really can adjust it to fit perfectly and even after many hours in the saddle sweating away it never feels loose or uncomfortable.
  13. Granted you are wearing a helmet so in the end you really cant get away from that.
  14. But this helmet is as close as I have found to feeling like your not wearing one.
  15. They recommend only cleaning with water and so far that’s all I really needed to use.
  16. I have the matte black one and the color and feel is very high quality with no discoloration even after many hours in the direct sunlight.
  17. Some users have noted that there’s a bit of wind noise at high velocities, but it is not really a problem for me.
  18. Plus it’s cool-looking beyond all reasonable expectations.
  19. I happen to like it, but it is definitely not pure white.
  20. Super ventilated, you can literally look at what’s behind the helmet from the front.
  21. Side note: I love it how this helmet has a simple mechanism to hold back the excess strap after adjusting to keep it from dangling.
  22. The color accent (I purchased the red/black) gives the helmet a very sleek finish.
  23. This is the first time I’ve noticed a big different, I had to check once to be sure it was on my head.
  24. Fantastic venting you can still feel wind on your head with it on.
  25. Also the combination of a variety of pads and the main ring allow me to dial in the fit much better than I have for many years.
  26. Its good for warm rides in the cold you’d need a wind blocking cap or cover.
  27. I don’t have a problem with the wind noise as was reported by others.
  28. Always wanted this Cateye helmet since I saw it at the tour d france .
  29. However, the construction seems flimsy compared to other much less expensive helmets I have owned.

Buy Catlike Whisper Helmet here $99.34 – $249.99

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