lift to ceiling titanium sport TSW

lift to ceiling titanium sport TSW 1
Ceiling pull-Titanium Sport-TS1W02 allows for varied training of the upper muscle parts: back, chest, shoulder and shoulders.

This extract is equipment that will allow you to practice even in a very small room. Its assembly is limited to drilling 6 holes in the ceiling and attaching the extractor hood with the help of appropriate studs. Pay attention to the appearance-it is definitely a product that is distinguished by design from the competition.

Thanks to the use of thick sheet metal, the construction achieves maximal strength of 120 kg. Two bearings on bearings are responsible for smooth movement, and a special system that prevents the cable from falling out of the grooves guarantees a high comfort of training. Included in the set you get everything you need to start exercising right away: lift, lifting rod, steel cable with carabiners and a polymer bumper, and a TSD11 long rod.


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