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OLIMP Chela-Mag B6 is a dietary supplement containing highly bioavailable magnesium in combination with vitamin B6.

The combination of these two components shows a double effect in improving the work of the nervous system, especially in states of hyperactivity, lack of concentration and increased susceptibility to stress. What can a magnesium deficiency manifest?

The human body is quite often exposed to deficiency of this element. Frequent consumption of alcohol, coffee, therapies with antibiotics or the use of hormones cause a significant reduction in magnesium reserves in the body. The deficiency of this element is also favored by an inadequate diet, rich in animal fat, sugar and highly processed food products and relatively low-calorie diet used in slimming treatments.

Typical symptoms of deficiency of this element in the body may be muscle shaking and cramps, apathy, depression, weakening of vitality, insomnia, loss of appetite.
For what reasons is magnesium so important to our health?

Next significantly affect the work of the nervous system, magnesium also plays an important role in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This is due to the properties of magnesium, which has the ability to lower blood fat levels, dilate blood vessels, counteract excessive coagulation and reduce the sensitivity of the heart muscle to hypoxia. Magnesium also affects the strengthening of bone tissue, preventing increased bone fractures, especially in women during menopause.


OLIMP Chela-Mag B6 is a mineral preparation awarded with the ALBION Gold Medal.

This is a guarantee of exceptional effectiveness of operation. Only products marked with this sign are characterized by the highest bioavailability of the body, exceeding in this respect the majority of preparations on the market.

All these parameters confirm scientific research.
Albion Laboratories as the only company in the world, has developed the most precise and effective process of transforming minerals into a form that is highly assimilated by the body.

Thanks to the unique mineral chelation technology (special connection with amino acids)
, Albion minerals are several times better absorbed than traditional preparations! They are also resistant to the action of anti-health ingredients, do not weaken the action of vitamins and create a lower risk of overdose.

This innovative and patented Albion achievements in the field of mineral production can be found in the product OLIMP CHELA MAG B6.
Who is OLIMP CHELA-MAG B6 recommended?

For magnesium deficiency in the body are particularly vulnerable to the elderly. Demand for this element increases the diseases occurring in the elderly: cardiovascular failure, hypertension or diabetes. Supplements should also be considered by people using an unbalanced, relatively low-calorie diet, drunk coffee and moderate or large amounts of alcohol. Dosage:

Brand: Olimp


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