Gloves Chiba ThreeSixty black

MTB, Downhill, Cross applied technologies:

Puller, Airvent, Knochel Schutz upper:

spantex, neoprene, artificial leather


clarino, artificial leather, neoprene AIRVENT-Material with a 3D structure with micro-channels.

Ensure optimal air flow around the hand. PULLER-Specially reinforced rubber and additional hem, place the bottom part of the glove to facilitate insertion.

Brand: Chiba


Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Mitts

outdoor research women flurry mitts

  1. Constructed of alpin-wool plus fabric, the wool/nylon exterior sheds snowflakes, while the soft fleece interior gives you the ultimate in cozy, warm comfort.
  2. A snug, stretchy fit and grip-sensitive silicone prints on the palms allow for excellent dexterity and grip.
  3. Men’s Water-Repellent Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pant (Dark …
  4. So far for our mild fall weather, they’re good for early morning runs with the dog or being outside on a chilly afternoon playing with the kids, but once it gets really cold I’ll have to get thicker mitts.
  5. It was hard for me to tell from the description or the picture how warm they’d be, but I can tell ya they won’t be good in January-March.
  6. However, they fit nicely and I really like the rubber grip lines.
  7. Low profile fits Inside other outer mitts if you will be in a true Alpine environment, the rest of us won’t need any other mitten than these.
  8. Little texturized rubberish stuff on palm to help grip a steering wheel.
  9. They aren’t really dense black, they have a little texture-color to them, and even have a love profile little seatbelt-clip to keep the pair together.
  10. Just right for running errands or any of those other times when you aren’t actually going to be directly out in the cold for very long.
  11. Warm, grippy, keep the same shape as my hand consistently, and fit hand warmers when it gets to 0F temps.
  12. She loves them, enough so that my sister also purchased them for herself.
  13. Mittens are decidedly low-tech, but they fit well and keep her hands warm when she leaves home early on cold winter mornings.
  14. The ribbing on the palms is great for driving since it provides sufficient grip on the steering wheel.
  15. I live in Denver area and primarily use them out walking.
  16. They are great for cool days (40’s) and the snaps to keep them together are great!
  17. The grips on the palm side are great gripping when pushing the grandbaby in the stroller, or driving the car.
  18. This is my second pair (managed to lose one of the pair last winter).

Buy Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Mitts here $17.20 – $41.95

Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Gloves

outdoor research women flurry gloves

  1. Constructed of Alpin-wool Plus fabric, the wool/nylon exterior pulls moisture away from the skin, while the soft fleece interior provides the ultimate in cozy, warm comfort.
  2. We’ve elevated our designs, offering apparel and gear that’s purpose-built for higher elevations and variable climates while still retaining that laser focus on defense against brutal conditions and bone-chilling temperatures.
  3. By gathering product feedback from an amazingly talented – and opinionated – team of ambassadors, and by integrating the lessons we’ve learned from the customers in our Lab Rat gear test program, we’re proud to make some of the most breathable, comfortable, protective and functional outdoor apparel and gear and in the world.
  4. And on top of that, we think it looks pretty damn good.
  5. We provide Innovation and Inspiration for the Relentless Adventurer.
  6. We develop innovative, functional, bomb-proof products that are beautiful in their efficiency and their simplicity.
  7. We are inclusive, inviting anyone who shares our passion for the outdoors to join our community.
  8. Like you, we are a member of the outdoor community; We listen to, value and empower each other and our fellow adventurers, and we support the outstanding conservation, access and educational efforts of a variety of admirable nonprofit outdoor organizations.
  9. We’re growing, both as a company and as individual people.
  10. I have small hands and the SM fits true to size with no slip or extra space at the finger tips (That extra space can make for cold fingers very quickly so a perfect fit is so important!) I walk dogs at a rescue and my hands are always cold, always.
  11. But these gloves keep my hands and fingers warm even when the temps drop into the low teens.
  12. This little design element makes it oh so easy to grab and tug on your gloves quickly!!
  13. I have to remove one glove all the time to dig my fingers into my doggie treat pouch to reward the dogs for their very good behavior and this little loop is a sinch to grab if even when your other hand is full (think leash in hand!).
  14. The Flurry Gloves also have a small little clip to connect the pair for storing or just setting down the gloves for a while.
  15. Warm, attractive, practical with some “gripper” strips on the fingers and palm so they are good for driving too!<
  16. Also they are not too bulky that I can’t just stuff them in my coat pocket when it gets warmer.
  17. I don’t think they are waterproof but because they are thicker my hands have not felt wet and even if they were to get wet I believe that these would still keep my hands warm.
  18. I use these on winter or cold days to walk my dog and I like them so much I’ve already bought another pair in case I lose them.
  19. I walk to work because it is 4 blocks, and my fingers still get cold in that short distance.
  20. And I would have hoped for more dexterity, I cannot zip my coat, grab my keys or something small without taking a glove off.
  21. When visiting my sis in Alaska, she NEEDED these so I left my pair with her.
  22. Apparently others who had found the “perfect” glove for weight & practical use of a finger-swipe feature found these little treasures, because when I went to replace my pair, they were sold out in Seattle and all of the Arizona stores.
  23. I got them for a trip to New Zealand in September, and I wore them more than I anticipated.
  24. During long, cold hikes, I ended up taking them off because my hands got sweaty after about half an hour.
  25. I say this only because it may be a problem for others (but isn’t for me).
  26. The wool blend worked extremely well while trekking through Mt Egmont, Arthur’s Pass, Fiordland, and Mt Cook.
  27. The “grip-sensitive silicone prints” are also a bonus—you won’t be able to use smart phones or other devices with ease (not that you need to during your alpine adventures) with these grips, but I was still able to use my D-SLR camera.
  28. The wool-blend exterior goes a little fuzzy after a few months, but mine still look great and work well.
  29. The “leather grab tabs” are also fantastic when trying to find the gloves in a pack and easily clip into a biner (for when you decide you don’t want to keep misplacing them in your pack).
  30. I won’t get as much use with them during our mild Alabama winters, but I expect I’ll be superbly well-prepared for cold snaps and future trips to colder climes.
  31. I am petite at 5’1’’ and roughly 110 lbs and the smalls are slightly long in the fingers but fit well in the hand/wrist (a common problem for me).
  32. I probably could have downsized to the x-small but honestly the smalls were very comfortable and still functional.
  33. It’s a shame because otherwise, they’re nice, seemingly warm, non-bulky gloves.
  34. Wash well and loops to pull them on are a great feature!<
  35. I don’t recommend them as work gloves- I got them dirty and washed them once.

Buy Outdoor Research Women’s Flurry Gloves here $25.95 – $39.00

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