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butyl Children INOV voucher 1
The lightest boots for off-road (only a few athletics models can pass on similar parameters).
In the world of rallies and tourism, no-one dared them in terms of traction and incredible lightness.

The sole is made of a very adhesive compound of rubber similar to the climbing shoes.

The treadle resembles a tire designed for a deep blot, and this is the X-Talon resin.

Above there is a small layer of EVA foam.

The lower part of the upper stabilizes the leg and protects against impact on the toes or the side of the foot. It is also waterproof (up to approx. 4cm)

The covering material is densely woven and certainly will not tear during cutting through bushes or snow.

Even the laces have been slimmed down! Catalog weight: 212g (size 42)

Sole thickness: rear 13mm, front 7mm Pieta drop / fingers: 6mm


Last hoof type

Rubber type of stick-sticky

Additional soles-fascia band

Sole type-x-talon

For whom-Children

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

Inov-8 Kids’ X-Talon 212 (K) Trail Running Shoe

inov kids talon trail running shoe

  1. Perfect for fell, mountain, trail and x-country running as well as obstacle racing.
  2. Renowned grip: Iconic 8mm studs not only claw through soft terrain but also hold firm on harder ground.
  3. Go light, fast and natural: Weighing just 212g (may change) and boasting incredible flexibility, it complements the foot’s natural movement and increases speed.
  4. Comfortable ride: Injected EVA midsole ensures great underfoot comfort, even on rough, steep terrain.
  5. Popular for both racing and training, this responsive yet protective shoe continues to leave footprints on all terrains across the world.

Buy Inov-8 Kids’ X-Talon 212 (K) Trail Running Shoe here $80.00

Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon 212 (S) Trail-Running Shoe

inov men x talon trail running shoe

  1. I did need to return them because the pair I ordered were somewhat small.
  2. I needed a little bit wider shoe and these were a bit narrow.
  3. I have a size 9 and my foot seems in between narrow and wide.
  4. I tried this in narrow (C) as usually the narrow shoe does fit me fine, but not with these.
  5. I will update my review after I have been able to use a new wide pair I have coming.
  6. Good quality, comfortable (when you get the right width) while running the trails.
  7. I like the Sketchers wide fit hiking shoes (9.5), as they are one of the only lower priced show that fits me.
  8. I also wear a size 9 Merrel Trail Glove and the toe box is perfect for me.
  9. Maybe my left foot is getting a little weird at my age (35), I don’t know.
  10. So, if you’re feet are a little wider than average, you’ll still want to size up with the Standard fit.
  11. I’ll edit this when I get a pair that fit and do some actual hiking/running in them.
  12. In a running shoe, dress shoe, always a size 8, for the past 30 years.
  13. After reading the reviews, I ordered the first pair a size bigger.
  14. I’m so irked now that I just tightened the laces and kept them (2 weeks to race day now) but they are definitely too big.
  15. The women’s shoes recommended for these races were sold out of my size everywhere which is why I got these.
  16. I wouldn’t call this a “minimalist” shoe like some do– they felt pretty normal and supportive.
  17. I ran with several ladies who had the women’s shoes (not sure which brand but they were ones recommended for these races), and theirs didn’t look like they had near the support that these ones do.
  18. As for performance, they did me well on the muddy hills and great on rocks.
  19. I was disappointed that they didn’t help at all on the rope climb (the rope is one of my strengths but the rope was muddy which was another obstacle in itself!!), they slid right off when attempting the J hook, but I’m guessing no shoe would likely help with that.
  20. These shoes got very wet and stayed wet, so I can’t say I noticed any difference than a normal tennis shoes in that regard.
  21. Overall I was happy with how they held up on race day but I will try a different brand next time since these are too big (and I’m still irked about that).
  22. People who have been having fitment problems are ordering the “US” sizes.
  23. Keep scrolling down to the Men’s / Women’s sizes and you shouldn’t have an issue.
  24. I purchased these for a Rugged Maniac mud run and they outperformed my expectations.
  25. A lot of the course was saturated with thick mud and the shoes cleared out any excess water in a matter of steps after exiting the water source.
  26. When I say clear out excess water I mean my foot was submerged in thick mud and I was still able to run with comfort after returning to try land.
  27. I passed many people during the race because they provided the traction in mud that other shoes don’t.
  28. Many others were slipping and sliding and I pranced my way through the course like it was nothing.
  29. As far as durability (I noticed other reviewers noted), they held up very well.
  30. I plan on doing other obstacle races with these in the future, and they’re well worth the money.
  31. I sent them back and got one full size larger and they fit perfect.
  32. So far the performance has been nice and certainly a lighter shoe than the Saloman.
  33. Other than that the shoe has been a very nice performing trail shoe.
  34. I already have a pair where the knobs on the bottom are slowly wearing down.
  35. My big toes goes to the tip of the shoes which allows me to better control my foot placement while running the trails.
  36. Who knows, I may buy another pair before somebody decides to change the way these shoes fit.
  37. They are great when running on dirt and rock on the mountain trails.
  38. They also do really well after I have run through water.
  39. I did a Spartan race recently and had several runners comment on how aggressive the tread was.
  40. They wanted to know what the shoe was so they could maybe purchase the same shoes.
  41. On a Spartan race I ran I got to the top of a mountain and the trail went down a very steep narrow gully.
  42. I was used to these shoes on rough trails so I decided to run down the gully.
  43. I had, and still do have total confidence in the grip these shoes provide on this run down the mountain.
  44. It is insanely lite and the fit (though slightly narrow) felt like a glove.

Buy Inov-8 Men’s X-Talon 212 (S) Trail-Running Shoe here $66.24 – $148.51

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