terminal to barbell Olympic thorn fit

terminal to barbell Olympic thorn fit 1
A pair of clamps with a closing system designed in such a way that it keeps the load on the spot during multiple repetitions. Usage range weight lifting, Olympic pace, functional training, peripheral exercises


– easy to put on and take off

– they fit most Olympic barbells

– do not damage plates or barbells

– light, strong and effective

– Inner diameter: approx. 54 mm

– sold in pairs

Brand: Thorn-Fit

Quick Release Pair of Locking 2″ Olympic Size Barbell Clamp Collar Great for Pro Training by Clout Fitness

quick release pair locking olympic size barbell clamp collar great for pro train

  1. However, a small piece of plastic broke while putting it on and it no longer clamps.
  2. It’s unfortunate that the product didn’t even last two months.
  3. UPDATE: I contacted Clout Fitness and they promptly responded to my email saying that I was actually sold a knock-off of their product based on the picture that I posted.
  4. The pair came promptly, has its own storage bag – that I really will use if I go on the road for extended periods, and they were holding down a few hundred pounds the first day.
  5. Nothing worse than putting big weight on a bar and not having the confidence to remember if you put on the clamps too.
  6. I cant tell you how many times Ive had 300 or more on my back, and had that brief moment of fear when I couldn’t remember if I’d put em on.
  7. Overall very pleased with the design, the tight locking, the double locks, the storage bag, and the easy ordering/delivery.
  8. It does what it is designed to do: clamp down on a 2″ olympic bar like an alligator on its prey.
  9. Especially when you consider the abuse it goes through.
  10. They are also easy to remove when you want to throw on another set of plates.
  11. Best yet, they are a fraction of the price of the typical clamps.
  12. In fact, these are cheaper than even your name brand spring clips!
  13. I have used them over over 2 months on a daily basis and can tell you that they are durable and can take a beating.
  14. I can attest that these clamps work well and without hesitation can recommend them for your lifts!
  15. It’s fast and efficient, less cumbersome on/off than tension clips.
  16. They even look cool, talk about a bonus — who would care if they had homely barbell clips so long as they worked?<
  17. Also it lies perfectly flush to the plates for a satisfyingly quiet, tight bar with no rattling.
  18. I bathe in the silence while I watch my biceps twitch with electricity, and my mind empties like a portcullis through which all things flow from eternity into the depths of human consciousness.
  19. They should provide more resistance than you’ll ever need for any horizontal force of sliding plates.
  20. For curls and lateral raises and such they could function at half the size they are.
  21. Not a huge deal but my home setup has no oly bar, but is based on weighted pull-ups and dips, bodyweight movements, and heavy split squats/shrugs/RDLs using dumbells, in which I’ll be pushing the loading limits of the oly dumbells.
  22. At times I will need to break out the spring clips in order to squeeze in an extra plate.
  23. The overall attention to design, especially in light of the fair price tag, shows a lot of passion which is not necessary for such a utilitarian thing, but is appreciated.
  24. These things are beast, priced to impress, and the company that sells them does not play around with customer service.
  25. As soon as you order them, you will be emailed by their customer service department basically giving out their contact information ready to meet your needs if you have any issues.
  26. These things clamp on nicely to your 2″ bar and they come packaged with a cute little travel bag that would even make a professional body builder say “awwww!”.
  27. Also, the color choices of this product makes for a nice touch.
  28. My wife and I love weights but hate having to change out plates on barbells.
  29. Clamps suck and get hung up easily and really slow down the workout.
  30. Easily release in less than a second, switch plates, then reapply these to secure the weight.
  31. It takes almost no time at all and they hug the plates tight onto the barbell to keep the plates from moving around like they do with regular clamps.
  32. We take turns benching, deadlifting, squatting and bicep curls.
  33. We change weights a lot mid-set sometimes if we can’t finish a rep.
  34. So seconds count, and we save many minutes and headaches during our workout thanks to these.
  35. I needed a collar to secure my weights on my lifts and this does the job wonderfully.
  36. I’ve been using these every day and they work perfectly.
  37. Way better than struggling with those rusty clips I had before.

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Greententljs Olympic Barbell Clamps 2 inch Quick Release Pair of Locking 2″ Pro Olympic Weight Bar Plate Locks Collar Clips for Workout Weightlifting Fitness Training

greententljs olympic barbell clamps inch quick release pair locking pro olympic

  1. This barbell clamp fits for 2 inches Olympic size.Perfect for crossfit workouts,Olympic lifts,overhead press,deadlifts,bench press,or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell.
  2. They do not work especially well for anything over 300 lbs, but under this they are a very pleasant change from spring clips.
  3. The reason I gave these five stars is because I consider them a “cheap” foray into the market for this product.
  4. Frankly, I don’t mind that they wobble a bit out of place when I drop a deadlift.
  5. They certainly do their job, and I’ve never come close to pinching anything yet.
  6. Also, even if you’re basically dripping in sweat, you can operate the little one-finger flick and release thing with ease so there’s that.
  7. I have a feeling I’ll bust them from blatant abuse they weren’t really meant for before I truly want new ones.
  8. Oh yeah, they’re plastic with metal bits, so there’s no finish to rub off or scratch off.
  9. I have smaller hands and sometimes the gym clamps are bended or loose making it difficult to secure the plates.
  10. They have a few of black ones of these at the gym which are a hot commodity so I figured I should buy my own in a pretty color.
  11. I got pink because that way no one will think I am stealing them and I love the color.
  12. They are easy to use and fit well on all the appropriate free weights I use at the gym.
  13. The only downside of these I can see right now is that I really have to press the black tab to get the clamp to release, but this will probably lessen as I use them session after session.
  14. Not exactly sure how it has happened unless the plastic already wore out too much.
  15. I’m disappointed since I was optimistic this would actually keep the weights in place.
  16. The clamps typically come undone when i’m dropping weight over 150 lbs.
  17. Perhaps it was supposed to be screwed together and they forgot.
  18. I would give it no stars if I could because this item is not even functional.
  19. I mean really, who wants to go searching for collars in the gym and then having to squeeze the living crap out of them to get em’ to open?
  20. Not me, I’m female, I’m impatient, and like the ease of these collars – no problems EVER and they are “pretty” especially when the bar is loaded up to lift like Tarzan but the collars say Jane!<
  21. Very quick to add or remove plates, and they keep the plates in place.
  22. Perfect for my husband and I when we go to the LAFitness gym!
  23. Have had to readjust the barbell since putting these on.

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