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The Speedo nose clip has very soft silicone cushions, which improves the comfort of use.

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

speedo liquid comfort nose clip

  1. The Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is lightweight, super comfortable, and low profile.
  2. It comes in multiple colors, and even has its own plastic storage case to protect it and make it easy to find and travel with.
  3. No matter where or why you dive in training, fitness, or fun those moments in the water are always better with Speedo.
  4. I am like the others that say it does not stay on at all.
  5. I tried everything even washing my nose very clean and putting it on in the water.
  6. I even went to the deep end and exhaled to sink to the bottom and applied, then came up slowly, and it still slid off my nose.
  7. I watched videos on youtube to see how to use it, thinking maybe I am doing something wrong, but nope it is just an odd product.
  8. So as of right now I am only giving this one star until I try again tomorrow with the new nose clip and see how it works.
  9. I am also going to wash my nose extra clean tomorrow and use an oxidizer to clean the oil from my nose.
  10. If it starts to work, I will up my review, but I am not having high hopes as of right now.
  11. So today I received the new clip, and tried what the one user said about putting it on in the pool, and it worked.
  12. It is very snug, and can start to bother me, but I rather that then have water up my nose when I do the flip.
  13. I have not tried other ones as I am kind of brand specific for certain things, and this being one of them.
  14. Maybe there are others that are not so tight or pinching on your nose, but this one definitely works well.
  15. It seems to take a minute or more for it start to float properly.
  16. This way the nose gets wet and you can rub off an moisturizer on your face/nose.
  17. My nose lies on the smaller side and this clip slid off and was lost during my first time using it in the pool.
  18. Speedo Competition version which is much more malleable because it is made out of metal and I’m very happy with the purchase.
  19. You can bend the metal version and adjust it to fit your nose size/shape whereas the plastic one is not adjustable.
  20. On a related note, I decided to buy a nose clip because I would get horrible day-long allergies (unrelenting sniffles/runny nose) after swimming in the morning and I saw on a swimming forum people with similar problems to mine talking about how a nose clip was the one thing that instantly fixed this for them.
  21. The nose clip (Speedo Competition metal one) works great for me.
  22. I have a thin nose compared to most people, and this thing is so tight it squeezes my very thin nose overly hard and hurts like hell.
  23. I can’t even imagine how this would feel on a good sized honker.
  24. It does not adjust at all, so there is no way to loosen it.
  25. I wore it for about 10 minutes and it squeezed my nose so hard it was purple and in pain for a good hour afterwards.
  26. If there were some way to adjust it without snapping the plastic, so it actually was comfortable, then it would be great.
  27. If you like small forms of torture, then this is for you.
  28. One snapped on the lower bridge after a few months so I’m on my second one.
  29. Here is a photo for what to expect after a couple months of usage.
  30. Other than that, they fit great once you wipe the oil off of your nose.
  31. Since getting a swimming snorkel I’ve had to add a nose plug to my “outfit”, and after trying four different pairs, I’ve finally found the winner!<
  32. I do on occasion have to fiddle with it, because lets be honest it’s not fun wearing a nose plug; however, I wear these for an hour, 5 days a week, swimming laps and they do the trick.
  33. I typically submerge the plug, and my face, and sorta rub my nose for a second before putting the plug on.
  34. Although I do shower beforehand, this just seems to help it not slide off.
  35. It seems like when I first started using it, I fiddled with it a lot; however, now I put it on and just go.
  36. So I think there is probably just a period of adjustment.
  37. I obviously would prefer not to wear a plug, but since I have to, this one is a life-saver!<
  38. It always would slide off at first but the key for me was to wash my face off first and wet the nose clip.
  39. Once you wash your face, the clip won’t slide on the natural oils of your skin as easily.
  40. So anyways, I was really loving this clip, but then one day it just broke.
  41. I never tried to stretch it or anything, so the reason for breakage is unknown to me.
  42. I really wanted to give this a good review and since I loved it so much at first, I didn’t want to give it only one star for breaking.
  43. The two stars are for the great function and the comfort of the clip.
  44. Just getting in shape and don’t want to snort in the pool.

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Speedo Competition Nose Clip

speedo competition nose clip

  1. Finally a replacement for our original comp nose clip from years gone by is here Adjustable, super comfortable, and low profile The Competition Nose Clip is the perfect nose clip for all water enthusiasts It even comes with its own plastic storage case to protect it and make it easy to find and travel with.
  2. It is constructed of a rubber-coated stainless steel and has a low-profile fit for added comfort.
  3. A naming competition was held by the staff in 1928 and won by a Captain Parsonson, who coined the slogan, “Speed on in your Speedos.” In 1929, the first swimsuits were in production and it didn’t take long for Speedo to successfully establish itself.
  4. World War II caused the brand turn over 90% of it’s manufacturing to war production, providing the armed services with vital equipment such as mosquito nets.
  5. After the war, Speedo opened a new factory and was able to re-establish itself, due to increased demand for swimsuits.
  6. In 1951, Speedo Knitting Mills (Holdings) Ltd, was incorporated and became a publicly traded company on the Sydney Stock exchange.
  7. Speedo hit the international stage in earnest, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and a few years later the brand grew on a more global scale.
  8. Export sales to the USA began and an international division was set up to monitor trade in New Zealand, Japan and South Africa.
  9. The expansion of the brand continued, and in 1976, Speedo was appointed as the official swimwear for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where 52 out of 54 countries wore their swimsuits.
  10. Speedo continues to make its mark in the pool and on the beach today.
  11. Michael Phelps, legendary Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, world record holder Kosuke Kitajima from Japan, and Holland’s Inge de Bruijn.
  12. After cycling through multiple nose clips that either broke or repeatedly slipped off, I settled on this pair of Speedo clips.
  13. The nose pads provide a tight fit; they don’t allow any water inside.
  14. And even though I have a relatively small nose, they haven’t slipped off once.
  15. The stainless steel frame seems durable – unlike the plastic frames in my other nose plugs that broke after multiple uses.
  16. I actually wen’t surfing the other day wearing it and it didn’t fall, so that is definitely a good thing.
  17. I do have to rub off my oily nose before putting this on, Im uploading 2 pics of my nose with and without it so you can have a reference.
  18. I think nose clips would fit everyone differently specially based on sex and race.
  19. I’m a female Caucasian with a small to average size nose.
  20. Also I read these reviews when I purchase something so I try to leave feedback when I can.
  21. It stayed on my nose and kept it closed no matter how many laps I did.
  22. It was comfortable to the point that I didn’t even notice it while swimming.
  23. It was probably the second best one but still I had to adjust it after a lap.
  24. You can adjust it a little but it really has to do with the rubber not really holding in place on the nose so adjusting it didn’t help much.
  25. Since it didn’t fit it wasn’t very comfortable and very noticeable.
  26. I keep this in my bag just in case something happens to the Speedo Silicone Nose Clip.
  27. Tyr Soft Pad Swim Clip
    This one didn’t work because it didn’t clip tight enough for my nose and there was no way to adjust the fit.
  28. I think it would work very well if you have a larger nose because the rubber material grips the nose well.
  29. It grips much better than the rubber on the Speedo Competition nose clip.
  30. TYR Ergo Swim Clip
    I really like this one when I first tried it but when I tried it at the pool as soon as it got wet the rubber wouldn’t hold.
  31. It slipped completely off my nose as soon as I started to swim.
  32. If you’re looking for a nose clip that you don’t need to get wet this one held my nose close, stays on the nose, and is comfortable as long as I didn’t get it wet.
  33. There’s no way to adjust the clip but its set tight so there’s no need for me to adjust it.
  34. Water Gear Synchro Nose Clip
    This one was the cheapest but it was also far inferior in terms of the quality of the materials used.
  35. The wire is thinner than the wire used by Speedo and doesn’t hold its shape.
  36. I am swimming under water, playing with the kids, even diving in.
  37. The clip is adjustable to your nose and it fits snugly but not too tightly.
  38. I can’t say it’s super attractive, but I guess that’s fine – I don’t think a nose clip is supposed to make you look like a model.
  39. Haven’t had any problems with slippage even when using copious amounts of sunscreen.
  40. Swimming with a hose clip just seemed easier to me and one less thing to worry about when beginning a new sport.
  41. I read the reviews and was worried that this nose clip would not work as advertised and i would be disappointed.
  42. The first time I used it the clip worked flawlessly and I was very pleased.
  43. I figured this is what all those reviews were talking about.
  44. The next time out I chose to set it in place prior to my per-swimming shower with a dry outer and inner nose and then leave it alone for my work out.
  45. I swim now for 45 minutes at a time and never realize its there beyond its very good function.
  46. I get a good seal before getting started and it lasts me throughout my swimming period.
  47. I recommend getting this product and finding the proper placement before swimming and you should have no issues.
  48. It’s about as comfortable as I can imagine and it stays on with no issues.
  49. If it should ever break (God forbid, because it’s really saved my sinuses since I swim 1/2-1 mile 3x a week), I’ll buy another one in a heartbeat.
  50. Constantly having to be put back on, the metal doesn’t tighten back uo after it’s been separated to place on the nose.
  51. I tried everything in the reviews to try to get them to work better witbout success.
  52. The really terrible part of the design is these don’t float at all!
  53. The grayish color is also the exact same color as lake water so they are impossible to locate.
  54. We lost one the first day swimming and one the second day swimming!
  55. It clips well on my nose and the wire sits just right on my nose bridge.
  56. Couldn’t even make it through 10 laps without taking it off.
  57. I can see why the metal wired versions are more durable.
  58. It’s a little tight and uncomfortable at first but after adjusting the wire nose bridge it fits great!<
  59. Honestly though, is there ever any nose clip that’s comfortable?<

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