classic bag on magnesia climbing technology cylinder orange
Medium size magnet bag. Climbing Technology. Cylinder equipped with a round hole, which allows you to have access to magnesia at any time.

A classic pouch that works well both on scales and on the panel.

A must-have addition to the equipment of every climber.

This model is made of durable material.

The use of a classic shape ensures high wall firmness. Despite their average size, the use of a circular hole offers easy access to magnesia. The Climbing Technology Cylinder bag has a traditional stitching device with a stopper that allows closing it, which will prevent easy spreading of magnesia. In addition, a petel was placed on the outside to attach the grip brush.

Thanks to this, it can always be at hand.

The bag has a very practical belt in the set that will allow you to attach it comfortably.

Brand: Climbing Technology

Core Survival Magnesium Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Tactical Keychain

core survival magnesium fire starter glass breaker tactical keychain

  1. Features a keychain hook to hang on your keys, backpack, or other survival gear.
  2. The fire starter is very high-quality you won’t find anywhere else.
  3. Shaft features a durable non-slip grip, very helpful in ensuring a strong grip while striking the flint rod.
  4. Don’t be without the most important survival tool, a FIRE STARTER!
  5. Every Core Survival Fire Starter accompanies a Lifetime Warranty.
  6. If you find any worries with your amazing fire starter, let our support know and we will refund you 100%.
  7. Look fashionable with your choice of colors – classic black, stylish grey, or stunning champagne.
  8. Awesome accessory to add to your survival bug out bag, rope climbing gear, men’s/women’s hunting gear, and camping gear.
  9. Even though it a small ferro rod, it releases big sparks and a good backup fire starter.
  10. The small cotton storage is useless unless you cover the cotton with petroleum jelly as a good backup tinder.
  11. No doubt as a glass breaker, it will break glass with its fine point.
  12. Glass breaker is fairly useless as any emergency will be over by the time you can find the thing.
  13. That and it holds a laughable amount of cotton fire starter in that cap.
  14. Would rather have seen the company just make it a little shorter.
  15. It does make a fair amount of sparks and is fairly small with O-rings for each section making it at least water resistant.
  16. I used mine immediately with a cottonball just to try it and works perfectly.
  17. When it arrived, I found it to be smaller in size that I had thought, it is basically the size of a large ink pen.
  18. But the construction was the selling point for me; and the little storage area for tinder was unexpected.
  19. I was told the best stuff to use there would be cotton balls (or pieces of a cotton ball).
  20. We spend a lot of time up in Montana in the winter and summer.
  21. We all know what the winters are like there, knowing I have this with me all the time.
  22. I feel my family will have a much better chance of survival if we slide off the road in our vehicle and have to go into emergency mode.
  23. I did add a little more cotton inside to it though, but there was space for it.
  24. No issues or concerns about performance in an emergency scenario.
  25. I have not used it yet to start a fire, but it does produce a spark.
  26. It is really good quality and fits the length of a palm.

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Wonzone Mens Night View Night Vision Polarized Glasses Driver’s Yellow UV400 Driving Sunglasses Goggles

wonzone mens night view night vision polarized glasses driver yellow driving sun

  1. Polarized Lenses eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue.
  2. Lens coloring system adds color contrast without distorting natural colors.
  3. Unbreakable Metal Frame & Copper-nickel alloy design ensure a strong and stable constitution.
  4. Ajustable Legs & soft thermoplastic rubber tipped temples allow it to suit different kinds of faces and offer perfect comfort without slippage and temporal oppression.
  5. Great for multiple sports, Riding Motorcycle, Cycling Bicycle, Driving, Running, Fishing, Racing, Skiing, Climbing, Trekking, Other Outdoor Activities and Daily Live.
  6. There might be slight colour deviation due to different display.
  7. Built decent, no nose pinch,better than gas station sunnys, that’s for sure.

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