cap climbing Ocun logo red hat
Ocun Logo Hat is a winter hat, which will be perfect for climbing a colder season. It was made of fibers providing optimum temperature around the head protecting against chills.

Ocun Logo Hat was made of two fibers.

External is acrylic, which does not crease, which will allow you to maintain the shape of this model during the activities undertaken. In addition, it is easy to clean, which will facilitate the purity of the cap.

The second material is polypropylene in the form of a fleece lining. It plays the role of a thermal layer that protects against excessive heat loss during the winter effort.

Ocun Logo Hat hat thanks to the technology used in the lining makes it easier to drain excess moisture from the head area, which translates to the preservation of the dry climate around the skin. With the use of the cut, it will be possible to put on a helmet for a climbing helmet, which will be perfect for cooler days spent on the wall.

Brand: Ocun

2016 Kryptek Hat Collection

kryptek hat collection

  1. The Kryptek SPARTAN LOGO HAT in full camouflage with tonal Kryptek Logo Helmet in the front is adjustable to fit most sizes.
  2. Available in five camo patterns:


    Specially designed for those geographical regions and elevations that are varied.

  3. Kryptek Highlander increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain.
  4. YETI

    When conditions worsen and the temperatures fall, when days are short and the shadows are long.

  5. Customers love the game changing Kryptek camo patterns and cringed at the idea of covering it up with a blaze vest.
  6. Infernois our answer to meeting the firearm hunting season requirements.

    Darkness is the ally of the predator that prowls at night.

  8. Kryptek Typhon serves those who operate when and where others will not venture


    Only the strong survive beneath the canopy where the shadows deepen and the surroundings are dense.

  9. Kryptek Mandrakeis designed for those regions where success or survival depends on your ability to become one with your domain.
  10. Kryptek Camo Benefits

    Kryptek utilizes a multi-directional design to effectively conceal in a multitude of terrains that have either lateral or vertical flow.

  11. The bi-leveling layering of the patterns incorporate background transitional shading and sharp random geometrical foregrounds to create a three dimensional effect that ensures the utmost in concealment at both close and long ranges.
  12. Sits on the back part of your head and feels like it’s gonna fall off.
  13. Has 4 guys from work try it on and they all said the same thing.
  14. The description should have read ” Cheapest made Chinese crap we could find.
  15. Fits like a kids yarmulke.” Mine arrived without the button on top which is not even the worst part.
  16. I don’t have an enormous melon, and this junk sits on the very top of my head.
  17. Now, I have multiple Krypek items, they all are outstanding.
  18. Rear fastener strap was sewn on crooked causig improper alignment when fastened.
  19. Hat did not match photo depicted, the pattern was not faded into other parts of the pattern as the image showed.
  20. The threads are a lot more white and stick out in person than the photo depicted.
  21. I may of received a dud hat so I will return this one and try another krptek hat cause I love the pattern so much but not the one this hat came with.
  22. I received a similar hat, but it was not made of ripstop fabric.
  23. The material is very light but sturdy, a bit floppy but quite nice feel to it.
  24. If you like hats with more form, this may not be the hat for you.
  25. The color is not as pictured, rather it is more greenish with hints of white and brown.
  26. For a good example check out the Kryptek website and look at the highlander patter.
  27. Wish the material was a bit thicker but beaides that, very good hat.

Buy 2016 Kryptek Hat Collection here $24.68

Zippo Matte Pocket Lighter

zippo matte pocket lighter

  1. For optimum performance of every Zippo windproof lighter, we recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks.
  2. Soon after the first introduction of the matte lighter four more colors were introduced: blue, burgundy, green, and grey.
  3. In 1985, the Zippo logo was imprinted on the lighter and a border was added.
  4. The Matte Lighters are created with a powder coat that is applied electrostatically to the brass case.
  5. All Zippo windproof lighters are made in our factory in Bradford, PA.
  6. The matte finish gives the lighter a smooth texture (2) The matte finish does not show fingerprints (3) The matte lighter does not scratch as much as the chrome and brass finishes (4) There are a variety of colors to choose from (5) It is a great everyday lighter.
  7. The exterior of the case has a smooth matte finish that is applied with a powder coat.
  8. A distinctive lasered five-barrel hinge authenticates this lighter as genuine Zippo.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, every Zippo windproof lighter is packaged in the ‘one box’, designed to address the growing concern over the depletion of our natural resources.
  10. Zippo’s diverse product line includes lighters and accessories; butane candle lighters; fragrance, and a robust line of heat and flame products for outdoor enthusiasts.
  11. I didn’t own one as a smoker, but I own one now, and I love it.
  12. In case you’re wondering:
    – A zippo holds about 1/2 oz of fluid at a time.
  13. If you accidentally overfill, fear not, you can let it air out outside.
  14. The two digits on the bottom of the lighter refer to the year; the letter is a code for the month, e.g.
  15. Yes, there are electronic lighters now, and they’re cool, but the noise sounds like a Zika-infected mosquito in your ear.
  16. My one complaint about traditional lighters is the smell of the fluid, but I’m used to it.
  17. However, the insert had problems, I had to trash it and get another one.
  18. But, it sucks spending quite a bit to have to spend a little more to fix the bloody thing to get it to work.
  19. I was probably just unlucky, but I’m a student in masters, have a job, my time is incredibly precious and scarce.
  20. So, wanting a working product as soon as possible resulted in me going out of my way to get the replacement than having to wait around.
  21. I should be giving this 2 stars, but feel it would be too harsh.
  22. I’m not happy I had to jump through extra hoops, though.
  23. The zippo itself came with the sealed packaging sticker thing, indicating it was brand new and untampered with.
  24. That’s the only thing I can say I like, I really do want to give this two stars, though because of price and having to pay extra else where because of a bad insert.
  25. I got this for a reason of being able to make fire at a moments notice.
  26. I carry this in my pocket and forget about it, so it’s not as if I’m using it daily.
  27. However, the quality is definitely up to American standards.
  28. It has that satisfying click of opening and closing the lid.
  29. That satisfying spark and ignition of the flame, then closing the lid to get rid of it.
  30. Fluid does not ship with this, it comes dry, which of course, seems logical.
  31. So, even if you’re not a smoker, it’s still a good option to carry a lighter with you in the event of needing fire.
  32. Maybe that’s what I tell myself and my friends might be right of being an arsonist.
  33. Just remember; the lighters do not/can not ship with fluid on them.
  34. Put the felt pad back, and place it all back into the case.
  35. Have been using for a week and so far has light ever single time, first try.
  36. I had an idea, just hit a different button and I could create a “video review” ~ which I did successfully.
  37. In fact, it just might be the best video review ever, captured on first try and maybe first of many.
  38. I bought this for my EDC kit, and replaced the insert with the Thunderbird Vector Butane Torch element.
  39. Only downside is that the orange shows dirt and scratches like crazy.
  40. I came across this by accident and I went ahead and bought one; the last one I owned was decades ago.
  41. I watched that video on YT on how to properly use and fill a new Zippo; I didn’t want to make any mistakes since it has been so long!<
  42. So, I took it apart and then extended the wick before filling it.
  43. After the first fill, about 3 days later, I had to refill it.
  44. I couldn’t find anything about it online, so I just filled it again.
  45. Even if it still lights, I refill it when the flame is getting low.
  46. I love the smell of these things and will even open it just to take a sniff!
  47. The only thing I wish was better is that it took longer to arrive than I was hoping for.

Buy Zippo Matte Pocket Lighter here $14.75

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