climbing shoes for kids Ocun hero qc blue yellow
Ocun Hero QC are climbing shoes for those who still can not tie a string, but already feel free to go through the first way. Fastened with Velcro Hero QC, let the youngest keep up with parents and their first climbing idols. Fully lined upper is made of synthetic leather based on micro-fiber, and the back has an additional elastic drawstring.

Thanks to this shoe provides comfort while climbing. It is also possible through the use of Baby-type profiling, which emerges as a result of care to provide the child with the greatest possible level of comfort.

The sole is made of Grippin Dura rubber designed for maximum durability and versatility.

Thanks to this, QC Hero will be tireless to serve even the most energetic little loyalists in countless tests on the walls, walls, scales and stones.

Grippin Dura designed for maximum durability, provides excellent friction and stability.

A balanced mix guarantees versatility and durability. The perfect choice for varied applications and durability. Baby flat and slightly asymmetrical.

The width of the upper and the foot area itself takes into account orthopedic requirements for children’s shoes.

Stiffness is small.

The soft sole perfectly matches any irregularity (maximizing friction).
Quick Closure (QC)

thanks to the use of very durable Velcro fasteners guarantees high comfort and quick and easy adjustment. It’s a perfect solution for climbers who have to pull and put on shoes every now and then. Beginners: V Sredniozaaw.: Advanced: Upper: Synthetic leather Lining: V Sole: Grippin Dura 4 mm Asymmetry: Small patents: Elastic leg elastic against the front Legs: Round Type: Velcro

Brand: Ocun

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