butyl climbing Ocun crest qc yellow
Comfort, simplicity and ease of use with simultaneous precision-these are the basic features of this universal shoe for beginners and medium-advanced loyalists.

Experiences collected during the design of such models as Strike or Summit, as well as very flattering opinions of the users, prompted Ocun to introduce a similar shoe, designed mainly for people starting their adventure with climbing.

The main feature distinguishing the Crest QC shoe from other climbing shoes available on the market is an innovative fastening system. Crest is a hybrid-a combination of a slip-on shoe and a velcro-fastened shoe.

Thanks to the use of just one turnip, the shoe is lighter and its setting is even faster. But it’s easier to fit this shoe than the slip-on shoes.

The ease and speed of betting certainly appreciates people who are focused on rapid development, who are training heavily on the walls, and will often put on and take off shoes between breaks or circuits. Also, experienced climbers who choose multi-stretch roads of medium difficulty appreciate the comfort of this shoe, and the possibility of quickly taking it off the bench. Beginners: V Middle-Med: V Advanced: Upper: Microfiber Lining: Cotton (in the front part)

Sole: Grippin Dura Asymmetry: Small Patents: Front profile: Round Type: Velcro

Brand: Ocun

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