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Climbing shoes Ocun Diamond is the latest version of the popular model in the new color version for fans of extreme climbing.

One of the most asymmetrical shoes will provide you with support on the smallest edges.

The shoe is intended for really seasoned climbers.

Thanks to its construction it is ideally suited for the most difficult roads, where all advanced climbers appreciate it. compared to the previous edition, no structural changes were introduced, while the color scheme was refreshed.

Everyone who loves Ocun Diamond shoes in the latest edition feels at home. The upper of the shoe is made of synthetic and natural leather.

This mixture of elastic on the one hand and breathing great on the other provides a perfect fit of the shoe to the foot.

This solution combined with an asymmetric binding system means that not only the foot is perfectly positioned inside the shoe, but also makes it all the way to the tip of the fingers. What’s more, this has been achieved without limiting the feeling of scale. Srodpodeszwa made in 3D Fit System technology provides support to the fingers, and also gives the entire construction rigidity for the best transfer of force.

Achieving this has been possible thanks to the use of flexible, thermoformed materials, which are characterized by a kind of "memory" of the original shape.

This is a significant increase in the period in which the shoe retains its maximum primary efficiency.

The sole sole is made of Vibram XS Grip rubber. This latest VIBRAM® proposal is the most commonly used rubber in climbing shoes for professionals, used in the most advanced models. It works stably on all the edges and smallest scratches, ensuring maximum friction at any temperature.

A soft mixture aimed primarily at extremely difficult varieties of climbing, where every detail matters.

Vibram XS Grip in combination with the 3D Fit system makes Diamond is mercilessly effective when it comes to using every, even the smallest element of rock sculpture. The entire body, already used since 1994, has a complete upper, which is free of seam within the piety.

This solution significantly increases the convenience of use; does not cause unpleasant irritations or abrasions. In a shoe so well suited to the foot and with such a strong heel of the pie, as Diamond is absolutely crucial.

Shoe’s weight (size 38): approx. 190 g;

Shoe’s weight (size 42): approx. 240 g; Vibram® XS Grip 4 mm sole which is the fruit of many years of Vibram tests and climbing experience. Used mainly in shoes, which are intended for roads with very small edges and holes. It guarantees good friction on the panel as well as during climbing in real rock.

The design allows you to keep the original shape even after a very long period of use.

Excentric Radically curved and fits.

Extremely asymmetrical with a medium deep pieta. Designed for standard width and wider alloys.

Average stiffness.

Supports the muscles of the feet not used to climbing shoes or on longer roads. Lace Up A classic binding system, recommended for all people who do not have the typical shape of the foot. Very accurate and precise fit of the shoe. Beginners: Middle-sidewalk: V Advanced: V Upper: Synthetic leather-natural leather Lining: None Sole: Vibram XS Grip 4 mm Asymmetry: Large Patents: Front profile: Sharp Type: Lace up

Brand: Ocun

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe – Men’s

black diamond momentum climbing shoe men s

  1. With an upper fabric that consists entirely of our Engineered Knit Technology, the Momentum provides stretch where you need it, support where it matters and all around exceptional breathability.
  2. Weve also added a micro-fiber liner to the front of the shoe to minimize stretch and maximize comfort.
  3. The Momentums durable rubber is unique in that its moldedinspired by the way we forge our carabinersversus cut from one sheet of rubber.
  4. This is our engineered solution to optimize our shoes rubber and rands for weight, consistency and comfort.
  5. Built for all-day comfort on moderate routes, boulders or gym sessions, the Momentum features a soft-flex midsole for sensitivity and is the perfect entry level climbing shoe.

Buy Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoe – Men’s here $89.95 – $90.00

Crampons Universal Flexible Anti-Slip Ice Grips Snow Traction Cleats Ice Spikes Crampon with Stainless Steel Chain for Climbing Hiking

crampons universal flexible anti slip ice grips snow traction cleats ice spikes

  1. I ordered the L because it seems there is no smaller size.
  2. I think they are universal size, there doesn’t seem to be L and XL.
  3. Also I don’t think they fit women’s size 8 unless you are talking about a really big snowboot.
  4. They do seem sturdy and they are easy to get on the shoes The rubber is stretchy like silicone.
  5. I’m going to have a challenge accidentally ripping these off on the trail.
  6. As you can see from pictures on my size 14 boots spikes are at least 2 inches from the heel.
  7. I doubt these will properly fit anything larger than about a size nine?<
  8. My place have been snowing and the road always has ice.
  9. He told me that he can walk easy on snow and ice when he wear them.
  10. Large would only stretch halfway on men’s size 12 US shoes type as shown in their ad.
  11. Recently used to hike a mountain and to clear my icy driveway.
  12. They stay on great even in deep snow and are excellent traction on icy hikes.

Buy Crampons Universal Flexible Anti-Slip Ice Grips Snow Traction Cleats Ice Spikes Crampon with Stainless Steel Chain for Climbing Hiking here $25.99

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