butyl climbing Ocun oxi

butyl climbing Ocun oxi 1
Climbing shoes Ocun Oxi were created for advanced climbers.

This model is ideal for bouldering and climbing on the panel.

Oxi is an asymmetrical climbing shoes designed by specialists of the Czech brand Ocun.

Their goal was to create a model that works well during intense training sessions and competitions.

The refined structure will be placed on artificial walls and while solving next boulder problems.

The sole is made of rubber characterized by very good grip-Grippin’S. Specially selected blend is used in the most advanced models of the Ocun brand, ensuring maximum friction both on small rims and on large steps.

The contoured back part of the shoe makes the piet perfectly and works great when hooking. Rubber on the fingers also allow you to hook up.

Thanks to this, shoes work great on all kinds of steps. Climbing shoes Ocun Oxi very well lies on the feet of standard width and narrow.

Thanks to the use of artificial leather in the upper, this model is less susceptible to stretching. Two loops located at the back and one at the front facilitate the putting on of the shoe. Durable Velcro together with a rubber panel allows for even faster fitting of the shoe, better fit and the assurance that it lies on the leg perfectly. If you are looking for a model that will be the necessary support for you in overcoming subsequent climbing challenges, then Ocun Oxi is the best choice.


Mediumyear. – Yes


Shank-Synthetic leather (microfiber)

Sole-Grippin Sticky 4 mm


Front profile-Sharp


Brand: Ocun

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