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Ocun Oxi LU is an extremely durable climbing footwear, adapted to overcome the demanding roads in the scales.

The rubber toe of the shoe protects both the upper and the fingers against injury.

The right shoes are one of the most important attributes of every climber. It is worth to entrust their performance to the experienced designers of the Ocun company, which belongs to a close group of leaders among the manufacturers of climbing footwear. Oxi LU shoes, belonging to the hardest ones in the Oxi series, are perfect in scales, characterized by very high durability, adequate finger protection and great technical properties that will allow you to position your feet in the smallest of even the edges.

The upper is made of microfibre, which is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, so that it can withstand operating under demanding conditions.

Traditional shoelaces will allow for a perfect fit of shoes to the foot, which will also increase the precision during stop positioning. At the back there are loops made of material that prevents them from twisting.

They make it easy to both tighten and put on the shoes.

The contoured back part of the shoe ensures a stable heel.

The use of additional staple rubber, which also takes place under the shoe, minimizes the unwanted movement of the foot, allowing for more technical movements. These solutions, in combination with rubbering the front of the shoes, also prevent the tire from turning off when leaning on small grades, thanks to which the user may engage much less force.

The large asymmetry of the Assymmetrix hoof, the aggressive, anatomical shape, the sharp tip of the shoe and the hard 3D Fit Hard cushion make it much easier to overcome difficult sections of the route, allowing you to hook on small corners.

Grippin’S rubber found in the sole of Oxi S shoes provides excellent grip, which will allow for stable overcoming of demanding routes.



– Yes


Upper-Synthetic leather (microfiber)

Sole-Grippin ‘S


Patents-3D Fit Hard

Front profile-Sharp


Brand: Ocun

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