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Ocun Oxi S is a polished climbing shoe that impresses with its functionality all lovers moving vertically, meeting the expectations of advanced and intermediate users.

The Ocun company is one of the leading manufacturers of climbing shoes, which enjoys great popularity among enthusiasts of moving vertically.

The use of high-quality materials, refined constructions and enormous commitment to the production process mean that many fans of the brand are constantly growing. This process will significantly accelerate the Oxi S model, which will be perfect during bulder sessions, as well as climbing on the panel and in the scales.

The upper of the shoe is made of microfibre, which results in high durability and increased resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.

All is less susceptible to stretching, so your shoes will retain their shape. Two loops at the back significantly facilitates both the establishment and pulling of shoes, which you will appreciate especially during training on the panel or during frequent transfer between the target climbing sites. Large asymmetry of the hoof, aggressive, anatomical shape and sharp point of the shoe significantly facilitate overcoming difficult parts of the route, allowing to hook on a small edge. Specially profiled pieta and the surrounding rubber belt, also located under the shoe, provide stability and in combination with the rubber on the front of the shoe prevents it from turning when leaning on small grades.

The right fit of the shoes allows practical and extremely fast to use Velcro and elastic finish of the upper part of the shoe.

These solutions make the shoes are great on the feet, which increases the precision when positioning them. Grippin’S rubber found in the sole of Oxi S shoes provides excellent grip, which will allow for stable overcoming of demanding routes.



– Yes


Upper-Synthetic leather (microfiber)

Sole-Grippin Sticky 4 mm


Front profile-Sharp


Brand: Ocun

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