butyl climbing Ocun strike lu blue yellow

butyl climbing Ocun strike lu blue yellow 1
Climbing shoes Ocun Strike QC is a model designed for beginners and intermediate loyalists.

They are characterized by extremely important strength, while guaranteeing comfort.

The main advantage of Ocun Strike are high quality materials and precise construction.

These two main assumptions allow you to achieve perfect functionality both in scales and on the panel.

The bend of the soles has been designed to allow hours of use of the shoes, without torturing the alloy. This is the result of resignation from the radical design of the shoe, so necessary for advanced models. If you need a comfortable shoe, which you have to use for a long time, or you have a foot that is not used to climbing shoes-the Strike model has been designed for you. Cholewke Ocun Strike was made of modern and technologically advanced material. It is made of microfluidic PES, it is characterized by better parameters of agility and dimensional stability (the minimum coefficient of shoe extension during use).
 This ensures the local increased elasticity of the footwear.

The set is completed with a mesh-cut language, which allows free air flow while draining moisture.

Side panels made of rubber, protects the upper as well as sole. It is one of the most important elements in the design of the shoe, giving them the final properties.

These panels not only protect the upper and the foot when used intensively in the scales, but are an important point of construction and make a significant contribution to the function of the climbing shoe, giving the stability rate. This is achieved by the correct distribution of forces, the directions of which have been properly addressed thanks to the anatomical knowledge possessed by Ocun designers.

At the front at the height of the fingers, especially around the big toe, the material of the upper is protected by a small piece of rubber.

Such a design tries to protect the shoe from mechanical damage, and allows you to more effectively transfer strength to your fingers during hooking or technically difficult roads.

On the other hand, a pieta in which there are no seams and connections that could interfere with climbing. Thanks to this, it lies perfectly.

Ocun has been using and developing this special construction since 1994.

This solution significantly increases the convenience of use; does not cause unpleasant irritations or abrasions. It works great when intercepts, when the greater part of the burden is transferred to the top.

The Quick Closure system ensures a smooth fit of the shoe to the foot, even when you put on and take off the shoe frequently (eg during training or bouldering).
The shoes are so comfortable that you will not feel fatigue after a day of climbing. Perfect to meet all climbing ideas that can come to your head-regardless of whether he is a beginner or an intermediate fast-paced climber.

Shoe’s weight (size 38): approx. 195 g;
Shoe’s weight (size 42): approx. 240 g; Warning! The color of the stripes may differ from the one shown in the picture.

Grippin Dura-designed for maximum durability, provides excellent friction and stability.

A balanced mix guarantees versatility and durability.

The perfect choice for varied applications and durability. Basic-flat and popular among beginners or intermediate players who do not use radically curved shapes.

Also ideal for climbers who wear shoes for longer climbs.

High rigidity.

Supports the muscles of the feet not used to climbing shoes or on larger roads. Quick Closure (QC)

– thanks to the use of very durable Velcro fasteners guarantees high comfort and quick and easy adjustment. It’s a perfect solution for climbers who have to pull and put on shoes every now and then. CAT Rubber (Climbing Adhesion Technology)

– is a rubber developed by Ocun designers based on laboratory tests simulating the conditions on the wall.

The obtained results allowed to develop solutions applied in the Ocun climbing shoes so that they retain proper strength and at the same time allow for effective climbing.

A soft guma was used, which fits well to the shape of the scale and the adhesion phenomenon was used, which caused the friction between the materials and the adhesion to increase. Beginners: V Sredniozaaw.: V Advanced: Upper: Synthetic leather Lining: V Sole: Grippin Dura, 4mm Asymmetry: Small Patents: Front profile: Round Type: Velcro

Brand: Ocun

SCARPA Men’s Neutron Trail Running Shoe Trail Runner

scarpa men neutron trail running shoe trail runner

  1. A dual-density eva midsole with a six-millimeter drop allow you to rack up the miles in comfort.
  2. A lugged sole and just enough toe protection give you the freedom to push the pace on rocky, uneven terrain and make it home with happy feet.
  3. Breathable mesh and synthetic uppers keep your feet cool in summer, while resisting wear in high-abrasion areas.
  4. At just 296 grams, this is race-inspired, but training-worth trail shoe.
  5. SCARPA builds performance footwear for climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, trail-running and other outdoor pursuits.
  6. Aside from being the Italian word for “shoe,” SCARPA is an acronym for Societa Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima (Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area).
  7. Grip cleat spacing on bottom almost created trip hazard when walking on sidewalks, stairs, etc.

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