carbine climbing technology aerial pro sg silver
If you’ve ever experienced that the equipment you need to carry, in your backpack or on the fly, it’s too heavy, then the aerial carabiners are just for you! The Climbing Technology Aerial series has been designed for climbers who value comfort and safety, but they pay attention to the technical solutions and the weight of the equipment that they must wear in the backpack or on the fly. Forged in hot, multi-plane 3D profile, it allowed for significant weight reduction of Aerial rifles. This new technology of karabiners seems to be the future in the production of lighter climbing equipment while increasing its strength.

The classic dimensions of the express carabiners ideally lie in your hand.

Optimization of shape and care for ergonomics, allow easy manipulation of carabiners.

Appropriate reinforcement of the edges most exposed to friction guarantees the maximum durability and safety that is required from climbing equipment. The Catch Free system (unbottered)

prevents the lock from being accidentally caught by other climbing equipment (loops, instruments, spoolers)

As every Climbing Technology carabiner, also Aerial, is-before leaving the factory-individually tested under a subliminal load of 12 kN.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that by using it, you can focus only on climbing. CATCH-FREE-Special profiling at the end of the lock, allows you to achieve the same blocking effect as the classic "zabek", however, the handling of the carabiner is much smoother when connecting or disconnecting ropes, tassels, repons, bones etc.

The CF lock does not hook and does not hinder hardware manipulation.

HOT FORGED-Hot forged products are characterized by greater strength and durability.


CE-Yes (0333)


Individual test. – Yes (12 kN)


Material-Light alloy

Blush-18 mm



Weight-38 g<
Dimensions-99 x 56 mm

Strength-23.9.8 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

Serengeti 7979 Aerial, Shiny Hematite Frame, Polarized Drivers Lens

serengeti aerial shiny hematite frame polarized drivers lens

  1. Darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions.
  2. I have always loved the optical quality and color transmission of Serengeti.
  3. I am very happy with the purchase and considering buying a second pair.
  4. I’ve bought a few different pairs of sunglasses, and Serengeti are my favorites.
  5. After owning some of their nice polycarbonite sunglasses (Rimini) I wanted to try the glass lenses that made them famous, and these don’t disappoint.
  6. The photochromatic effect is subtle, but the crisp clear polarized image is amazing, and it makes driving and other tasks so much less stressful and enjoyable.

Buy Serengeti 7979 Aerial, Shiny Hematite Frame, Polarized Drivers Lens here $184.25

Eight.3 Telescope – Trapezoid Ballast CTN (Silver) Ballast Bag

eight telescope trapezoid ballast ctn silver ballast bag

    Buy Eight.3 Telescope – Trapezoid Ballast CTN (Silver) Ballast Bag here $155.00 – $269.99

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