carbine climbing technology axis HMS sg green
The HMS Climbing Technology carabiner with a zippered zip will be great for belaying or positioning. Its additional advantage is the large clearance and ergonomic shape, which influences the convenience of use.

The Axis HMS SG axle with a very large overload was very well placed in the hand and was made in the hot-forging technology, allowing you to lower the weight while maintaining the durability of climbing equipment.

The HMS Climbing Technology carabiner has a zippered zip, which avoids unexpected opening during its use. The catch-free system (bezzabkowy)

prevents catching with a carabiner about loops, instruments, a rope hook or a climbing line.

The 3D flat profile of a 3D is responsible for high durability while maintaining low weight.

Axis HMS SGL carabiner has been tested with a subliminal load of 12 kN before leaving the Italian factory, so you can be sure that you will use a completely safe climbing equipment.



EN-362: 2004-B, 12275: 2013-H

Individual test.

– Yes (12kN)


Material-Light alloys

Freeze-approx. 24 mm



Weight-approx. 79 g

Dimensions-approx. 122 x 82 mm

Strength-25.10.7 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

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