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Ideal for tourist bottles, magnesium bags, keys, etc. Weight: 25 g; NOT INTENDED FOR A CLIMBING.

Brand: Climbing Technology

F.Life Aerial Silks For Aerial yoga Hommock Or Aerial Acrobatics (10 yards) with the Equipment ,Guide

f life aerial silks for aerial yoga hommock aerial acrobatics yards with the equ

  1. The finish of the silk offers a non-slip textured finish providing a better grip than other aerial silks.The low stretch and thinner width is great for ease of tricks.
  2. The Breaking Load Limit is over 1000kg/2200 lb Safe working load (SWL) 95 Kg on each silk.
  3. You should decide upon a length of fabric which is double the height of the area you are using, then add two metres for the knot.
  4. Practice every where at the park or at home is nice to have a 10 metres silk, you can do many tricks to and will be easy to carry.
  5. Furthermore, the hardware is all mountaineering quality and safety.
  6. Steel Screw-lock carabiners (5620 lbf), Rescue 8 / Descender (6744 lbf), Mountaineering Swivel (7194 lbf).
  7. Both sets of directions come with color pictures are are extremely easy to follow.
  8. The aerial silks is made of 10 meters / 11 yards of 40-denier Nylon Tricot fabric, which is the same type of fabric used in Cirque du Soleil performances.
  9. Denier Nylon Tricot is a two-way stretch, so the aerial silk fabric has a low to no stretch.when it is banded together like a swing, and when you cocoon inside the hammock
    the fabric gives just enough so that it feels comfortable for the body and skin.
  10. Can The Daisy Loops Wrap Around An Expose Beam To Hang The Swing Without Drilling Into The Beam?
  11. The daisy chains are very strong and are able to be used like that.
  12. We often recommend that you use the unlooped end of the daisy chain and place it
    through another loop after it is wrapped around the beam or pole.
  13. As you lay on the swing

    it will cause tension on the loop formed around the beam/pole and hold you in place.

  14. Included in This Premium Aerial silks Kit
    1 Color 11 Yards (30 Feet x 108″) of Low Stretch Nylon Tricot Fabric;2 x Steel Screw-Lock Carabiners, 25KN = 5620 lbf, CE CSA ,Rescue Figure Eight / Descender, 32 KN (Aluminum),Mountaineering Swivel 30KN (Aluminum)
    VALUE GIFE:2 Nylon Daisy Chains, 3 ft Long, 660lb Capacity,1 Bohemian bag

    This aerial silks Equipment Works Perfect For.

  15. Wish they had more apparatus options as I would definately be interested.
  16. Within the shipping box, all the items arrived inside of the included carrying bag.
  17. The carrying bag is made out of canvas and seems very durable.
  18. It fits all of my rigging equipment, so that’s a big plus!
  19. The hardware was packaged together in a plastic bag, and the fabric was in a separate plastic bag with paper instructions on how to rig the silks/hammock.
  20. The fabric was folded with great care and there were hardly any wrinkles when I unfolded it.
  21. After tying the knot around the figure 8 for silks, there still should be just over 10 yards of fabric (which is folded in half, so about 5 yards in length from the figure 8 to the ground).
  22. The hardware is heavy-duty, rock climbing type equipment.
  23. It does not have a shine finish, so the color appears subdued.
  24. The burgundy color is a bit lighter than expected and in bright, direct sunlight it has a very pink undertone.
  25. While still on the pink side, the burgundy does look darker indoors and in the shade.
  26. Like another reviewer mentioned, I agree that this fabric is more of a medium stretch.
  27. I have low-stretch silks from another company, and I cannot pull them from the top of my head to my chin like I can with these ones.
  28. While stretchy fabric is good for drops, it is harder to climb.
  29. Just remember that everything gets easier with practice!<
  30. I’ve been practicing on these and I’m very happy with them.
  31. I plan on purchasing more from F.Life Yoga and am excited to see them come out with more aerial products!<
  32. Cheaper than buying all of the components separately, and the hardware that’s included is top notch.
  33. The fabric feels just like the ones we use in the studio.
  34. I have a 9 foot ceiling, which is a bit low to practice a lot of the moves on, but it’s still great to have at home to practice various things on.
  35. I appreciate that the straps were included so I can take it outside on a nice day and use a (solid) tree branch.
  36. Color was pretty close to the photo, not exactly, but close enough.
  37. I can pull the fabric from the top of my head to the bottom of my chin using only my arm strength; I could pull it even further if I were strong enough.
  38. The fabric is very durable, high quality, and matches the color in the ad.
  39. The rigging can hold 1000lbs and all pieces are super high quality solid steel; no shoddy welding.
  40. Having this much stretch is actually a positive if you intend on doing drops (I do), but climbing this kind of fabric is much more physically exhausting, so probably not a good set for someone just beginning this art.
  41. I’ve been practicing every day with muslin cloth (zero stretch) for the past month before I got this new set, and it is like I’m starting all over again.
  42. When I’m ready to order my two story outdoor set next year, I would likely order from this company again as long as they offer truly low stretch fabric options.
  43. My daughter who has lower back pain from scoliosis also enjoys it very much.
  44. Great product, east to set up, all hardware was included, fast ship, can’t say enough good things about this item and seller!<
  45. I’m a beginner and these silks can be very challenging.
  46. The low stretch and thinner width is great for ease of tricks.

Buy F.Life Aerial Silks For Aerial yoga Hommock Or Aerial Acrobatics (10 yards) with the Equipment ,Guide here $138.00

Gun Rifle Sling 2 Point with Easy Adjustable Mount – Black Tactical Airsoft Strap With Strong Metal Hooks for Hunting Games Airsoft Paintball or Outdoors – Made of Premium Quality Nylon

gun rifle sling point with easy adjustable mount black tactical airsoft strap wi

  1. UTILITY: With the amazing ability to chance the length on the fly without too much effort, ranging from 40to59 inches, this gun sling 2 points m-4 can be used in various ways has a rifle strap, sling backpack , safety rope, airsoft, paintball and other outdoor activities!
  2. ULTIMATE GEAR: Simple but effective design, fully adjustable tactical strap, neoprene padded sling, hk steel hooks pouch for extra ammo, can be easily and quickly attached and detached from your gun.
  3. Those features transforming it in a indispensable accessory for action seekers!
  4. TAKE ADVANTAGE: Live an awesome experience while shooting, hunting or climbing.
  5. Our tactical assault rifle sling 2 points is perfect for situations where you needs require speed and mobility .Our two-points shotgun sling, will definitely let your dreams become reality!
  6. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Dacostrike brand philosophy is based on quality both in products and in services and if you are not satisfied for any reason with our shotgun sling, we will promptly refund your purchase price.
  7. With a simple but efficient design, we have managed to create a lightweight, multi-purpose, extra-wide, neoprene soft padded 2 points rifle sling which can be easily and quickly attached and detached from most of rifles, guns, carbines or shotguns.
  8. Features: SOLID STRUCTURE: Made from premium quality nylon, meeting the most demanding of needs.
  9. Easily adjustable length from 40-59 inches , one size fits most, making this gun sling two point a must have accessory.
  10. UNIVERSAL CLIPS:We have fitted this gun strap with 360 degree rotating hooks, providing better control in carrying your AR 15, M4 Garant, M1or any other shotgun!
  11. NEOPRENE PAD: The breathable shoulder pad prevents shoulder strain, allowing you to carry your guns comfortably, giving the speed and mobility you need during shooting sessions.
  12. The shoulder pad for our 2 points shotgun sling can be easily adjusted or removed!<
  13. These features transform this two points gun strap into unique concept.
  14. Using simple adjustments incorporating the universal adapters , this rifle strap can be used in various ways: safety rope, sling backpack, securing of tent and as crossbow sling!<
  15. Now I can hike for farther distances without feeling any negative strain or muscle soreness.
  16. It has a pouch for a multi-tool or extra ammo and also extra cross straps for other accessories.
  17. Just clip it to your rifle, add accessories (or don’t), and have fun.
  18. Ill prob keep a lighter (in case of being lost i could start a fire.
  19. My friend already tried and said is easy to install and use, lightweight and the shoulder pad is a great addition, makes you feel more comfortable when hunting.

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