carbine climbing technology concept HMS sgl spring bar silver gray titl
The HMS carabiner is the most important carabiner in each climber’s equipment.

The HMS Spring Bar concept was equipped with an additional movable frame, which after fastening the connector, prevents the carabiner from twisting during belaying.

This solution is perfect for cooperation with Climbing Technology Click-Up as well as any other safety device available on the market. HMS Concepts have been designed for climbers who value comfort and safety, but they pay attention to the technical solutions and the weight of the equipment that they must carry in the backpack or on the fly. Forged hot, multi-layer 3D profile, enabled significant weight reduction Concept HMS rifles.

This new technology of karabiners seems to be the future in the production of lighter climbing equipment while increasing its strength. The classic shape of the HMS carabiner ("pear")

allows you to safely use it as a carabiner for belaying in any situation.

Appropriate reinforcement of the edges most exposed to friction guarantees the maximum durability and safety that is required from climbing equipment.

Optimization of shape and ergonomics care, allow easy manipulation of the carabiner and nut securing the lock against unexpected opening. The Catch Free system (unbottered)

prevents the lock from being accidentally caught by other climbing equipment (loops, instruments, spoolers)

As every Climbing Technology carabiner, also Concept HMS Spring Bar, is-before leaving the factory-individually tested with a subliminal load of 12 kN.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that by using it, you can focus only on climbing. CATCH-FREE-Special profiling at the end of the lock, allows you to achieve the same blocking effect as the classic "zabek", however, the handling of the carabiner is much smoother when connecting or disconnecting ropes, tassels, repons, bones etc.

The CF lock does not hook and does not hinder hardware manipulation.

HOT FORGED-Hot forged products are characterized by greater strength and durability.


CE-Yes (0333)

EN-12275 and 362

Individual test. – Yes (12 kN)


Material-Light alloys

Blush-21 mm

Type-H, A / T


Weight-77 g

Dimensions-105 x 73 mm

Strength-23.10.8 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

Ct Click-Up Hms

ct click hms

  1. With the characteristics of both tube and assisted braking style devices, The Click-Up pays out rope and takes in slack smoothly while ensuring the climber?s safety in the event of a fall.
  2. The Click-Up utilizes a design that allows the belay-biner to move into a position that stops the rope from running through the device after it has been weighted.
  3. The belayer can easily control the speed of the rope while lowering the climber just by the amount of pressure they apply on the body of the Click-Up.
  4. The gri gri is an excellent rigging and rope access tool but it rarely finds its way into my harness unless I know my primary function that day will be catching repeated falls or cleaning loose rock and vegetation from new lines.
  5. The Click Up is easily dismissed by many as just one of a huge glut of new devices released over the last couple of years that are seen as minor variations on the Gri gri.
  6. I would argue that it is instead a drastic improvement over the Gri gri and a significantly useful tool for both cragging and multipitch climbing.
  7. It melds the ease of use and simplicity of an ATC or tube style device with the stopping power of the Gri gri while removing the well-known failure modes involving holding the Gri gri ‘s cam closed to feed slack for clipping (face it, this is a huge problem with the Gri Gri and just because Petzl releases a video explaining how to NOT do this doesn’t change the fact that people are being injured and killed with disturbing frequency using the accepted but incorrect rope feed method).
  8. The Click Up is simplicity itself, locks HARD on the rope and gives an immense feeling of security when tackling a tough lead and knowing that despite common issues like belayer distraction, the Click Up will grab the rope and not let go.
  9. Listen to what I am saying here: in 15 years of climbing, no belay device has ever impressed me as much as the Click Up has.
  10. It is worth a try and may change your whole way of thinking about belay devices.
  11. I now carry a Pivot and the Click Up, both in money green, and am 100% happy with my setup, which is lightweight and versatile.
  12. The Click up feeds smoother, is easier to use, and provides more security than any other device I have ever used.
  13. I liked it but didn’t buy it at that tine and then didn’t really think about it later on.
  14. Easy to use, pretty much like an ATC to handle, at first you might lock it a couple of times when you need to give slack quickly but you can unlock that right away and once you get used to it it won’t happen.
  15. I bought this for occasional cragging use as an alternative to the grigri.
  16. This device pays out rope nicely like an ATC yet provides a brake assist.
  17. Unlike a grigri, the device does not tend to bind up when paying out rope quickly, but the trade-off is that requires some initial braking on the part of the belayer to activate the brake assist.
  18. Bottom line for me was that it belays using the same technique as a plate (ATC) but has a brake assist feature.
  19. Slightly increased friction over an ATC when top rope belaying.

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Climbing Technologies Aluminum Carabiner Hms Style

climbing technologies aluminum carabiner hms style

    Buy Climbing Technologies Aluminum Carabiner Hms Style here $23.00

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