clip climbing technology delta ct mm



EN-12275 and 362

Individual test.

– Yes

Keylock-not applicable

Material-Zinc plated steel

Blush-12 mm


UIAA-not applicable

Weight-152 g

Dimensions-87 x 66 mm

Strength-kN 45.10


Brand: Climbing Technology

Outdoor Research Performance Trucker Run Hat

outdoor research performance trucker run hat

  1. Or just everyday use in hot weather hidden Wicks the moisture extremely well.
  2. I’ve had it for about 3 months and it looks like brand new.
  3. The stretch makes it comfortable for my large size head.

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Columbia Sportswear Men’s Royce Peak Pant

columbia sportswear men royce peak pant

  1. If you’re looking for a pant with clean lines and modern functionality, look no further.
  2. Coupled with the ability to shed moisture and stains due to our Omni-Shield technology, this short is a great go-to: outdoors or indoors.
  3. Keep things stored with ease of mind with pockets with a hook and loop closure.
  4. All in all, this lightweight pant is a looker and a worker.
  5. They may work very well for you, apparently they do for many.
  6. Accidentally leave it unzipped and you are likely to lose whatever you put in there, unlike horizontal or even slanted opening pockets.
  7. If you are going to be flying a jet or hanging in a climbing harness for 12 hours you might want the convenience of an opening running the same direction as your thigh because it is easier to get to while seated.
  8. But you end up with an oddly shaped pocket bag which doesn’t hold a lot, which you can not stick oversized things out the top of, and which stuff falls out of when you stand up with it open.
  9. There is a reason military fatigues have horizontal pocket openings, it sucks when you lose your hand grenades.
  10. Oh and no one is going to be fooled into thinking these are “dressier” cargo pants because the zip is vertical.
  11. The pants have articulated knees and double needle stitching.
  12. Though you can certainly dress them up with a not-too-formal sports jacket or even a casual blazer.
  13. But then you can say the same for more functional horizontal cargo pockets.
  14. The line gets crossed when the pants have external pocket bags, at which point any dress jacket just looks silly.
  15. NOT a fan of the tiny velcro “closures” on the rear pockets.
  16. Velcro is made to stick astronauts to walls in zero gravity, not to keep your pocket shut so your valuables do not fall out.
  17. And they included flaps for the pockets so they sort of work, one may not lose one’s wallet when squatting over a cat hole in the woods.
  18. Of course if Columbia had used a real closure like a button or ideally a zipper this would be one less thing we all have to worry about.
  19. But, as noted, they have articulated knees and apparently Columbia makes them in one length and just chops the bottom off the longest length rather than proportionately tailoring the leg and thigh equally.
  20. So I measure 14″ of inseam from crotch to middle of the knee as denoted by the rear leg panel and the articulation pleats.
  21. On someone with a 30″ inseam those are not shorts they are capris or kulats or something.
  22. On these pants that means that the wearer’s knee gets trapped in tight fabric above the articulation when bent.
  23. That might be tolerable on a thinner stretch fabric but on these it makes each and every step uncomfortable and more work than it should be.
  24. I got these on sale for a third the list price, so I’ll keep them and try to chop an inch or so off above the knee and re-pleat it.
  25. And here is a side note, explaining perhaps why I am so picky.
  26. More than a decade ago I had a pair of pants made from excellent Swiss Schoeller fabric (not unlike what these Royce Peak’s are made from) by a company in Seattle who did online custom tailoring for tactical and semi-tactical clothing.
  27. Those pants cost twice the list price of these, but they were custom fit with custom pockets and other features, and zipped off.
  28. Unfortunately “Beyond” thought still in business no longer does bespoke clothing.
  29. Decided I needed a change so ordered the Royce Peak Pant.
  30. Fits a little better than the Roc pant which is loose fitting.
  31. It was great on 10 hour flights and drips and dirt did not seem to cling to omni shield material.
  32. The material thickness is comparable to Roc pants and keeps out the cold air.
  33. Like back pockets better which have an overlap Velcro closure which keeps my wallet from falling out.
  34. Lasted a whole week on vacation without washing, just shook out and hung up and it looked great.
  35. It also wears well but shows the wrinkles more that my darker grill colored pair.
  36. Durable and comfortable but allowed me to stay somewhat cool in the 90 degree weather.
  37. I have a slim build (5’11” and 155lbs) and these were exactly what I was looking for.
  38. Other hiking pants are so baggy where as these had a nice fit to them.
  39. I did try to wash these in the sink while traveling and hang to dry – they took quite a long time to dry (two days) so wasn’t the quickest turn around but still works in a pinch.
  40. The waist size is almost dead on, but a little on the small side.
  41. If you have an athletic build, these pants will be a great fit and look good.
  42. If you have fat legs or big love handles, you may not like the way they fit.
  43. These pants are very stain resistant; I washed blood right off with a wet paper towel and no stain!
  44. The belt loops are big enough to accept REAL belts; the kind that need to hold hunting gear or large amounts of cash while traveling.
  45. I work and play a lot in the outdoors and I was tired of heavy duty cotton pants that have no stretch and have no breathability.
  46. These pants are the perfect compromise between something substantial enough to hold up to some field work (definitely not for bushwhacking through briar patches) but yet flexible and breathable enough for warm weather use outdoors.
  47. I also like that they have an extra zippered pocket on the thigh that adds some storage but it is very low profile and barley noticeable.
  48. I own 5 pairs of these pants now, both the cargo version and regular version.
  49. The original pair I have are starting to show their age and I’ve had to have a friend replace a few seems but that is after 3 years of very regular use as field pants so I can’t complain about the durability, especially for the price.
  50. This pair has a hidden leg pocket with a zip on the seam.
  51. It’s nice to have the techy features without the cargo pockets.
  52. I use them for all types of outdoor activities in cool to hot weather.
  53. They are not ideal for cold weather but don’t try to be.
  54. They have a slimmer cut than usual- great for skinny guys who don’t want to feel like they’re wearing trash bags on their legs.

Buy Columbia Sportswear Men’s Royce Peak Pant here $32.18 – $126.34

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