carbine climbing technology advance top shell gray
Climbing Technology K-Advance Top Shell is a hot forged, carbine with a double security lock and additional reinforcement of the arm. Intended for use in rope safety systems-on Via Ferrat.

The low weight of the carbine (125g)

combined with high 30KN strength and incredible ease of attaching and detaching the carabiner make this model unmatched in its category.

An additional stainless steel cover significantly extends the life of this rifle. Top Shell is a solution patented by Climbing Technology awarded by the Out Door Award.



EN-12275: 2013; 362: 2004-A / T

Individual test.

– Yes





Weight-125 g


Castle-Double protection

Brand: Climbing Technology

Climbing Technologies K Advance Autolocking Safety Snap

climbing technologies advance autolocking safety snap

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    Seiko Men’s SSC295 Analog Display Analog Quartz Green Watch

    seiko men ssc analog display analog quartz green watch

    1. A consuming passion for excellence – imprinted in our Corporate DNA passed from generation to generation.
    2. Seiko, for 125 years committed to the art and science of time.
    3. A culture of innovation connects a 19th century Tokyo clock shop with 20th century advances in timekeeping to an extraordinary 21st century “quiet revolution.” Continually driven by dedication and passion, established a multitude of world’s first technologies… transforming the principles of timekeeping.
    4. The first quartz wristwatch – changed the history of time.
    5. The first Kinetic – marked a new era in quartz watch technology.
    6. In 1969, Seiko Astron, the first quartz wristwatch – was introduced.
    7. In an instant, Seiko exponentially improved the accuracy of wristwatches –And Seiko technology firmly established today’s standard in Olympic and sports timing.
    8. Kinetic – a quartz mechanism with unparalleled accuracy –the driving force behind more world’s firsts.
    9. Kinetic Chronograph – the next generation of high performance timekeeping.
    10. Kinetic Auto Relay – automatically resets to the correct time.
    11. Kinetic Perpetual – combining the date perfect technology of perpetual calendar with the genius of Kinetic Auto Relay.
    12. And now Kinetic Direct Drive – move, and the watch is powered automatically.
    13. Or hand wind it and see the power you are generating in real time.
    14. In the realm of fine watches, time is measured by Seiko innovation – A heritage of dedication to the art and science of time.
    15. It does not perform as well as I had hoped in that role.
    16. With daily wear over about a one month period I’ve found that the crown is too easy to pull out.
    17. It has inadvertently been pulled out at least 4 times since I’ve been wearing it and this has caused inaccurate timekeeping.
    18. It has snagged on clothing, caught on the threads of a blanket and a couple times that I didn’t notice what it got caught on, just later noticed it wasn’t keeping time.
    19. The bezel is also too easy to turn in my view, not that you would depend on it as a compass but I don’t think you could even afford to use it as a backup, to make this feature functional it should have more resistance.
    20. The watch looks good but falls short in practical functionality.
    21. Military look but as others have said the black finish is glossy, not satin as the picture looks.
    22. The band is also leather lined for comfort against your skin.
    23. I have no problem with the compass function not being stiff.
    24. I take my reading and look for a distant landmark to head to, when I get there then take another reading.
    25. Actually any analog watch can be used to locate north you don’t need a compass ring to do so.
    26. Supposedly the Prospex line is higher quality than the normal line and used to be only available in Japan.
    27. James Bondish like in appearance or some high military look to it.
    28. Just got it and packaging is a bit questionable on this order but overall I’m quite happy.
    29. I purchased this specific version because I wanted the black case.

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