carbine climbing technology lime green gray
Lightweight Lime B carabiner with a flexible lock, designed for use in coffee machines.

A great carabiner with a classic zipper made of light alloys.

The hot forging technology used in its production, refined by Climbing Technology to perfection, ensures low weight while maintaining high strength parameters.

The castle lock has a Catch Free system (no-bonnet), which prevents the lock from being accidentally caught by other climbing equipment (crutches, instruments, spoolers).
Bending the zipper makes it easier to attach the rope. The carabiner is very good in the hand and it will be great in the espresso machines.

Similarly to other Climbing Technology rifles, also Lime B, it is individually tested with a subliminal load of 12 kN.



EN-12275: 2013-B

Individual test.

– Yes


Material-Light alloys

Blush-22 mm



Weight-43 g

Dimensions-98 x 56 mm

Strength-kN 23.8.8


Brand: Climbing Technology

Sea to Summit TravellingLight Travel Duffle (40 -Liters)

sea summit travellinglight travel duffle liters

  1. Super compact and super light, it is also an obvious choice as a spare bag on any trip.
  2. This amazingly lightweight duffle is the perfect “expansion” bag for travel.
  3. I used to pack a regular canvas duffle but it was heavy and took up a lot of space in my suitcase; this bag is the ultimate replacement.
  4. It is a bit expensive — but weight that against the cost of purchasing a duffle on the fly when traveling; or checking extra luggage; or taking up space in a suitcase for a cheap duffle; or being over the airlines’ weight limits; or bringing back fewer interesting things from your travels!
  5. Any of those alternatives is worse than being prepared with this bag.
  6. I’ve used it a couple of times and it has held up well, but I also won’t be surprised if it gets a hole poked in it by an airline.
  7. I figure if it lasts 10 trips I’ll be delighted, and I expect it will.
  8. And it seems strong enough that it may go much, much longer.
  9. We’ll see and I’ll update if I have more observations there.
  10. Meanwhile, at 3 ounces and packing down to the size of 1/2 of a paperback book, it’s the perfect way to be prepared on international travels.
  11. Update after 6 months:
    I like it so much, as it’s so easy to pack for whenever needed, that I’m ordering a second one.
  12. That way my wife and I will both have one on hand whenever needed, an extra one for dirty clothes, etc.
  13. And it’s made by an honorable company that stands behind its products all the way–and we have reason to know.
  14. We bought over a dozen Sea to Summit travel items in the run-up to a recent trip to Africa, including this one.
  15. However, we ended up not needing this spare duffel, so didn’t actually take it out to use it until after the return period was closed.
  16. Murphy’s Law being what it is, the zipper was defective (wasn’t sewn down all the way at the end), and the zipper thingy pulled right off the track on the first pull.
  17. All the rep asked was for a photo of the defect, and the next day they had a replacement winging its way to me.
  18. Wonderful to find there are still honorable companies in the world.
  19. Not only are Sea to Summit’s travel products absolutely top drawer, the company makes it right on that rare occasion when there is a problem.
  20. My husband and I each keep one in our carry-on luggage and use them as check-in bags for souvenirs when we travel.
  21. They’re expensive, but worth it for the weight and space-saving when bringing an extra bag on a trip.
  22. I have used this bag for all trips overseas, whenever I’m flying anywhere, and for extended (over three weeks) travel.
  23. Its signature feature is that the material is such that it fits into a sack (with some effort) the size of your hand, so I bring this along whenever I think I may need an extra bag for souvenirs (when traveling overseas) or when traveling on smaller airlines that have an overall weight limit for luggage (seven pounds lighter than my smallest wheeled carry-on).
  24. I wouldn’t load it up with a huge amount of weight but it’s a lot smaller and lighter than typical foldable duffels.
  25. The main design change that I would make is having either longer handles or some sort of lightweight shoulder strap.
  26. As it is, it’s not really designed to be thrown over a shoulder.
  27. Can pack this on the way out as a small cup sized bag, and then fill it with goods for the trip back.
  28. Incredibly strong, survived check baggage roughness from other side of world.
  29. It’s practically weightless so it doesn’t weigh down your primary suitcases, it fits in the palm of your hand when in the little sack and is surprisingly sturdy for such thin material.
  30. We packed ours full of dirty laundry and put our souvenirs in our suitcases.
  31. Loved this bag and would recommend for frequent travelers.
  32. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it’s work to get the thing into its little sack.
  33. It barely fits and you have to really force it in, but it’s worth it!<
  34. Great for bringing on trips where you might be buying souvenirs that wont fit in your carryon.
  35. I read the size and I guess I thought 40L was larger than it actually is.
  36. As it is, you have to devote a hand to this bag if you are carrying a lot of gear.

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Wave Women’s Slip On Thick Tread Aqua Socks Water Shoes

wave women slip thick tread aqua socks water shoes

  1. Made out of a quick drying material, these aqua socks will keep your feet comfortable all day.

Buy Wave Women’s Slip On Thick Tread Aqua Socks Water Shoes here $12.95 – $14.95

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