climbing technology cup doble row titanium

climbing technology cup doble row titanium 1
The V-shaped rod increases the contact surface of the cup with the rope, and thus allows very easy braking of even the longest "flights" with relatively little strength. When the cup is in the wrong position, it works exactly like its classic counterpart without additional profiling. The most important features:

– light;

– allows you to smoothly move the line;

– for use with single and double ropes;

– 2 ways of using;

– does not twist the rope;

– efficiently absorbs and distributes heat, without causing the braid to melt;

Note: Depending on the delivery, the color of the cup may differ from the one shown in the picture! CE: not applicable For ropes: Max. 11 mm EN: N / A Individual test: Yes Bearing: N / A Material: UIAA light alloys: N / A Weight: 76 g Dimensions: 111 x 60 x 47 mm Durability: 20 kN

Brand: Climbing Technology

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