carbine climbing technology pillar cf sg screw gate black
The innovative profile allows for a very wide opening of the zipper (21mm blush!)
The CATCH-FREEsystem (unencrossed)

prevents accidental hooks on tape, reps, etc. when plugging or unplugging the rifle. Perfect for use with various types of blocks.

The compact shape makes the Pillar carabiner easy to handle 1 hand.


CE-Yes (0639)

EN-12275 and 362

Individual test. – Yes (12 kN)



Blow-21 mm



Weight-75 g<
Dimensions-110 x 62 mm

Durability-24.10.7 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

Korean Bibimbap Mixed Rice Bowl (kimchi) 100g (Pack of 2) Camping freeze dry Mre food

korean bibimbap mixed rice bowl kimchi pack camping freeze dry mre food

  1. Screw gate, 10,000 lb minimum breaking strength, meets EN362 standards.
  2. Just add hot water and the delicious bibimbap is ready to eat in 10 minutes.
  3. If you add cold water, allow about 20~30 min.)
    By innovative Freeze-drying technology, it preserves all tasty and natural ingredients.

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Julbo Blast Performance Sunglasses

julbo blast performance sunglasses

  1. Julbo warranties all sunglasses and goggles for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.
  2. It will hold steady whether climbing or railing a descent.
  3. Temples and a nose piece with Grip Tech and Grip Nose technology.
  4. With excellent venting and a slim frame designed to fit with a helmet, the Blast is ideal for doing anything full tilt.
  5. When leaning forward they don’t grip well and tend to slowly slide off my face.
  6. Furthermore they hurt after wearing for more than an hour or so.
  7. This is not due to lateral compression pressure as in some glasses, but because of sharp-ish edges on the earpiece.
  8. The edges of the square push into your ear and cause discomfort, especially if wearing a cap or beanie that adds pressure to the ear/earpiece area.
  9. Overall, I’ll keep them because the lenses are so good and the return period has expired.
  10. But if I had it to do over again, I’d get the same lenses in a different frame that was more functional and comfortable if perhaps a bit less stylish.
  11. Good fit for my medium face with clear lenses that work in a variety of conditions.
  12. Unfortunately the left lens has a tendency to pop out at times.
  13. I’m guessing I just got a bad pair, but disappointing regardless.
  14. I use them for cycling and they do steam up a little inside, but the frames fit me in such a way that a lot of sweat is streamed away by the top ridge.
  15. I don’t recommend driving in them unless you’re in a convertible.

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