clip oval climbing technology pillar pro by gray
Oval carabiner with high durability equipped with a modern Twist-lock type lock, offering maximum comfort of use.

The whole is very versatile, allowing the use of a carabiner in many activities.
A modern carabiner in which the focus was on significant weight reduction.

The use of oval shape allows it to be used in a wide range of activities, from rescue operations, through various types of climbing, and ending in exploration of caves. Low weight was obtained thanks to the use of light alloys and a perfect body design. It has been made an advanced method of hot forging, thanks to which it is characterized by high durability.

The Climbing Technology Pillar Pro WG carabiner uses a Twist-lock type lock, which is characterized by very easy operation. In addition, after it is released, it automatically secures itself. Like most Italian carabiners, there is also a catch-free, unpainted catch-free solution that eliminates bothersome hooks on the remaining hooks when attaching and detaching the carabiner.

The carabiner was made with the utmost care in the Italian Climbing Technology factory. In addition, each specimen is subjected to tests under a load of 12 kN, so that the user is sure that the whole will be perfect for climbing.

– Low weight

– Intuitive Twis-lock type lock

– Oval shape

– High strength



EN-12275: 2013-B, 362: 2004-B

Individually test.

– V (12 kN)



Blemish-21 mm



Weight-approx. 72 g

Dimensions-approx. 112 x 62 mm

Strength-25.12.7 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

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