clip oval climbing technology pillar by hc
An oval shaped carabiner characterized by extraordinary strength thanks to the special HC anodization.

The whole is equipped with a convenient Twist-Lock type lock.
A classic oval carabiner with an automatic lock that can be used in both climbing and height work. It is often used in rescue, at loading charges and at positions.

The Climbing Technology Pillar WG HCcarbine has been finished with a special HC anodization that has increased abrasion resistance. Thanks to it, even when used intensively, the carabiner performs well and slows down more slowly than the classic carabiners.

The shape of the body ensures optimal load distribution.

The model has a Twist-Locklock.

This automatic solution is very easy to use and allows you to easily attach and detach the carabiner.

This is also helped by the Catch-freesolution, and thus the bezzabkowe finishing of the lock.

This model was made in a Italian factory, which is a guarantee of the highest quality. In addition, each specimen was tested under the load of 12 kN before leaving it, so you can be sure of their reliability.



EN-362: 2004-B

Individual test.

– V (12 kN)


Material-Light alloys

Blush-21 mm



Weight-approx. 80 g

Dimensions-approx. 111 x 63 mm

Strength-24.8.7 kN


Brand: Climbing Technology

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