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Large table plate with five holes. Designed for fast creation of complicated positions thanks to numerous holes for attaching rifles. Light and strong construction made of aluminum alloy. 20 mm holes allow you to attach most of the rifles. Weight: 136g; Strength: 45 kN; Dimensions: 149 98 mm; CE: V EN: -Not applicable- Individual test: V Bearings: -Not applicable- Material: Aluminum alloy; UIAA: -Not applicable- Weight: 136g; Dimensions: 149 x 98 mm; Strength: 45 kN;

Brand: Climbing Technology

Ski Grip – Ski Carrier Handle

ski grip ski carrier handle

  1. Attaches in Seconds – Store in Pocket – No more accidental head strikes.
  2. The Ski Grip attaches by placing the Loop-N-Loc rope around the front of the toe plate and sliding the rubber coated metal sleeve to lock the skis together.
  3. The snap hook at other end, attaches to the brake bar and forms a handle.
  4. I use them every time I ski and often have ski parents asking me, “How did you tie that?”

    5 years ago, I bought these so that I could haul both my and my son’s ski’s poles etc as he was very little but I did not have enough hands to carry 2 sets of skis poles etc.

  5. I have used these every trip, I love them, they are really small and there is no velcro, no wrapping etc.
  6. Just put your skis together loop the top, slide the “slider” and hook to the “lower” of the two skis.
  7. This product is so small and durable and simple that I leave it on when the skis are in the car rack, when they are stored off season, whenever I am not using them.
  8. It keeps the skis together as one and makes it super easy to carry.
  9. I have had other carriers and they don’t add up to this product.
  10. I have smaller hands and would have a hard time gripping the skis and would often have achy hands if I had to carry them for a while.
  11. I wasn’t sure how it would work with the ski brake and I initially thought I needed to have both brakes in the clip- you only need one (I choose the lower one.) Highly highly recommend this to anyone who hates carrying their skis over their shoulder or with one hand.
  12. In addition, it easily folds up and can be carried in your pocket.
  13. It makes carrying your skis, plus your poles so easy and safe.
  14. Just slide our poles in between the staps and tighten the silver slider, and you can easily walk where you need to go.
  15. You will avoid the risk of slinging your skis over your shoulder and hitting someone in the head, as has happened to me by those parked next to us in the parking lot.
  16. Carrying skis this way tends to be more uncomfortable than carrying them over my shoulder.
  17. In fact, I found myself abandoning the carrier handle in favor of the over-the-shoulder method.
  18. So easy for my 9 year old to carry for her ski club too.
  19. I am able to carry 3 sets of skis at once with one hand and when skiing, they easily fit in my back pack.
  20. A must have if you have to walk from parking lot to the lift.
  21. Carrying skis and poles gets difficult as they are heavy and awkward, and this made it better.
  22. Love the concept will try it again this year now that i looked at the picture again.
  23. It holds the skis but takes too long to put on and take off.

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