carbine climbing technology oval steel twist lock zinc plated
Climbing Technology Oval steel Twist Lock A425 is an oval carabiner with a versatile application, equipped with an automatic lock.

Especially suitable for blocks and various types of instruments. Made of galvanized steel.

– TWIST LOCK-An automatic lock prevents a dangerous situation in which you forget to secure the carabiner (which, unfortunately, can sometimes happen with classic rifles)

At the same time it is very fast and easy to use, it does not require any special skill to open one hand in just a second. In order to unlock and open the lock (2)

it is enough to turn the "screw" by 3/4 turn (1)

After release, the zipper will always return to its original position and secure itself.


CE-Yes (0639)


Individual test.

– Yes (12 kN)


Material-Zinc plated steel

Blush-18 mm


Weight-188 g

Dimensions-108 x 58 , 5 mm

Strength-22.5 kN

Lock-Twist Lock

Brand: Climbing Technology

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