climbing technology twister
The most important features:

– ball bearings

– ultra-light design

– hot forged aluminum

Strength: 24 kN Dimensions:

– height 84 mm

– width 43 mm

– Hole diameter 21 to 25 mm

Weight: 80 g



EN-354: 2003

Individually test.

– Yes


Durability-24 kN

Brand: Climbing Technology

Island Hopper Fort All Sport Recreational Bounce House

island hopper fort all sport recreational bounce house

  1. The 3’ elevated “lookout” area is a soft playhouse accessed by a 4 step climbing wall or climb up from the inside “safe return slide” and then back down for a fast, fun escape to the bounce house floor.
  2. Play soft shot soccer or have a slam dunk contest with the included soft soccer/basketball that is included.
  3. Designed by moms for an aesthetically pleasing toy in their yard.
  4. Product Dimensions: 13’x10′ Play Surface w/ Reinforced PVC Floor.
  5. Its probably 70-75 lbs so my wife can’t lug it over and set it up when i’m not home.
  6. No chance of folding it up nicely and fitting it into the provided bag.
  7. Keep an eye on bigger kids (over 4?), if they hang over the rail near the top of the slide they could topple out.
  8. It’s also been a hit with the neighborhood kids who come over.
  9. It’s sturdy, a great size for kids who are a little older (other bounce houses seem to cater to much younger kids), it blows up in a matter of minutes, and has a lot of neat extra features.
  10. This bounce house has a “fort” where kids can go to take a break and be shaded without having to leave.
  11. On one side of the fort there is a mesh pocket meant to hold the 2 basketballs (included) but the boys found it works well to hold water bottles!
  12. Another review mentioned they liked how the slide was contained in the bounce house (vs.
  13. As much as the kids go around and around this thing, I can’t even imagine the mess that could have been had there been an exterior slide!<
  14. I have cheap Xmas inflatables 1/20th the size with sturdier metal stakes!
  15. The shear size of this calls for something stronger than plastic.
  16. The only other complaint is that the sleeve slides off the blower very easily.
  17. Unfortunately we’ve had it deflate with kids in it multiple times, as the bouncing can cause it to slowly inch off.
  18. I used some sealer to stop the tear and it worked great.
  19. I highly recommend and it’s easy breezy to put up-blow up and take down.
  20. We have had a lot of kids coming through just to bounce and it has held up great!
  21. We have thrown 2 kids parties and had and had several play dates and it seems to be holding up great.
  22. Large but not too tall to fit in a room with 11 foot ceilings.
  23. It is sturdy, well made, and perfect for this age group.
  24. Not the cheapest bounce house, and far from the most expensive.
  25. Takes 10 minutes to set up, and about the same to take down.
  26. The kids love it, and I love the fact that everything is all inside the protective net.
  27. The kids can go nuts, and I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt.
  28. It is almost commercial grade and holds a lot more kids than the typical store-bought bouncie house.
  29. I will write a updated review once we get a chance to use it this spring.
  30. We have had it for about 4 months, and we’ve used it about 5-6 times.
  31. I bought balls but ended up not using them for long because they fell out.
  32. The blower won’t stay attached requiring you to reattach multiple times while using.

Buy Island Hopper Fort All Sport Recreational Bounce House here $699.99

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