comfortable T shirt Ocun bamboo holds vivid blue

comfortable T shirt Ocun bamboo holds vivid blue 1
The Ocun Bamboo T Holds T-shirt is ideally suited to outdoor activities, ensuring a high level of comfort both during climbing as well as hiking trails.

Ocun is a clothing manufacturer who combines style and functionality in a unique way, creating a great looking clothing that will be perfect for outdoor activities.

The same applies to the Ocun Bamboo T Holds T-shirt with graphics depicting the climbing grips by Ocun, thanks to which all lovers will love vertical movement. The material used was based on two types of viscose-bamboo and Rayon, combined with elastane.

This means that the T-shirt very efficiently manages excess moisture and heat, draining excess material out of the fabric and leaving a comfortable climate around the body. In addition, the whole is characterized by adequate elasticity, thanks to which the material perfectly fits on the body, while ensuring the desired freedom of movement.

T-shirt is very pleasant to touch, and wearing it is pure pleasure. It guarantees a very high level of comfort, which additionally supports a flat seam construction, minimizing the risk of skin irritations and abrasions.

The Bamboo T Holds T-shirt has been perfectly cut, which is still its technical properties, which will allow you to move freely in the vertical direction. You will appreciate its great properties in a series of field activities.


Materials –
– 65% bamboo viscose,

– 30% Rayon (viscose)

– 5% elastane

Brand: Ocun

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