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A strong, compact lamp, which is a great solution for camping, for the car or as a table lamp (in the garden or by a tent).
3 LEDs emit warm pleasant light up to 150 lumen (at full power), which makes me one of the strongest, and at the same time the smallest camping lamps. The lamp has very energy-saving LEDs, which allow that it can shine continuously up to 80 hours on one set of batteries * Lamp mode can be easily changed-just press the number of times on the back of the lamp, until the desired mode of operation. Pearl lamp floats on the water, it is waterproof (IP 64), so it can be used outdoors even in very difficult weather conditions. The folding carabiner / pendant makes the lamp in a convenient way can be hung under the roof of the tent, on the branch or using a built-in magnet to attach to any steel surface (eg car body, which is especially convenient when you need to bury under the car hood) br>. Pocket size, water resistance, foldable construction as well as power and work (in 5 modes)

makes it the best travel lamp. * The working time was examined using 3 alkaline batteries at 20 ° C with low power of illumination.


The Pearl lamp works in 5 modes:
– Full power-LEDs emits up to 150 lumens

– Average power-LEDs emits up to 80 lumens

– Low power-LED emits up to 35 lumens

– Storboscope-strobe light (full power)

– SOS-SOS signal (Morse code)

The lamp operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Brand: Bushmen


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