Compressed air spray INCORE ml
Compressed air 400 ml with special, dedicated tube


Consumable material-Compressed air

Capacity (ml)

– 400 ml

Additional information-Blows dust and dirt (from printers , faxes, computers, telephones, etc.)

Brand: Incore


SALT CO2 Cylinders for the SALT Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun

salt cylinders for the salt self defense pepper spray gun

  1. On Demand – SALT’s patented technology allows each CO2 cylinder to stay safely sealed until the permanent metal seal is punctured with the first pull of the trigger.
  2. Most reliable – SALT only uses Crosman CO2 Cylinders, one of the top manufacturer of air cylinders in the world.
  3. Quick reload – SALT CO2 Cylinders can be replaced in seconds, allowing you to quickly fire an unlimited amount of pepper spray rounds when you need them most.
  4. Each one lasts up to 21 shots or 24 hours – because I wanted to try the pistol out a few times before I actually needed it (which I hope I never do!), I needed these to power the gun.

Buy SALT CO2 Cylinders for the SALT Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun here $8.99

Pyrocide 100 (1% pyrethrum) 1 gal

pyrocide pyrethrum gal

  1. Pyrocide 100 may be used as a an ULV, area, space or contact spray.
  2. It kills a wide variety of insects including store product pests, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, and more listed insects by disrupting the insect’s nervous system.
  3. The dual-synergists are formulated to enhance the pyrethrins.
  4. MGK’s Pyrocide 100 is refined in the USA and has specially removed the plant waxes inherent in pyrethrum, resulting in a “cleaner” product that won’t clog ULV fogging equipment.

Buy Pyrocide 100 (1% pyrethrum) 1 gal here $104.90

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