base cooling to laptops the two adjustable fan tec CO

base cooling to laptops the two adjustable fan tec CO 1
Powerful and quiet cooling stand for laptops up to 15.6″diagonal with two adjustable fans, for optimal working conditions and increased notebook performance. Fan pair for reliable heat dissipation and effective cooling. to fit into the ventilation openings of the laptop The noise level is very low-max 21 dB-thanks to which it does not interfere during work The power supply is delivered directly from the USB bus of the laptop. To avoid using all USB ports due to the connection of the cooling panel, the connection cable has one additional USB input so that it can be used as a single port USB HUB.

Thanks to the aluminum construction with a thin 2 mm profile, the pad is very light and the optimal perforation structure allows natural air flow.

The rear part of the insert is lifted, providing a tilted work surface and greater comfort when writing.

The casing also has practical anti-slip rubber cushions to prevent any displacement of both the laptop and the stand. The elegant metal finish fits the laptop perfectly. Raised back part provides more comfort while writing.

The stand has been designed to allow the placement of an additional docking station on the backing pad, so you can keep the order on the desk.

Thanks to the aluminum construction with a thin 2 mm profile, the washer is very lightweight and the optimal perforation structure allows natural air flow.


Screen size-15,6 ”


Number of fans-2

Fan speed (max.)

– 2000 rpm/ min

Air flow-17.4 cfm

Speed ​​control-No

Vibration-21 dB

USB hub-1 port

Special functions:

– Effective and quiet cooling pad for 15.6″notebooks, with two adjustable fans

– 2x fans with adjustable position for effective laptop cooling


Power supply-USB 5V

Accessories included:

– Aluminum Cooling Bracket

– 2x Adjustable Fan

– User Manual


– Aluminum

– Black

Dimensions-335 x 270 x 55 mm

Weight-612 g

Other parameters:

– Power from the USB bus, without the need for an external power supply

– Voltage: 5V

– Inflation: 0.13 ± 10% A

Brand: Puro


Samsung Notebook Odyssey Traditional Laptop, Storm White, 15.6″ (NP800G5M-X02US)

samsung notebook odyssey traditional laptop storm white m us

  1. Accidental damage (drops and spills) and power surge coverage begins on the day you purchase the plan.
  2. The screen is excellent with a very impressive viewing angle, clarity, and overall sense of quality.
  3. The keyboard feels fantastic as well as the track pad being one of the better ones I have ever used.
  4. Overall I would highly recommend this for someone looking for either a gaming laptop at this particular price point or a multipurpose laptop for everyday use.
  5. As long as you’re installing the majority of your heavy use programs on the SSD, everything is lightning fast.
  6. I like the color and the styling a lot, but that’s a personal preference.
  7. I find the keyboard very easy to type on, with good enough key feedback.
  8. For reference I play LOL and DIablo 3 on the highest settings no problem.
  9. Plenty of fps steam games like subnautica, skyrim, metro 2033, outlast, and they all run perfectly on high settings.
  10. I haven’t overloaded skyrim with mods but I do have at least 10 going and it still runs well on high settings.
  11. I am a solid Samsung buyer and now I can include laptop to my list of Samsung products I’m happy with.
  12. The keyboard illumination is amazing, it helps me working in a low light and see all letters, super!
  13. I took this computer more for professional use and I am very happy as I have to use several programs.
  14. I was able to buy it used from the amazing warehouse, laptop came in pristine packaging.
  15. With windows mounted on the SSD it boots up in literally 5 seconds.
  16. Very impressed with performance, especially while multitasking or gaming.
  17. Highly recommend even though there are some mixed reviews.
  18. I’ve always had Samsung products, their performance and craftsmanship speak for itself.
  19. Not a tech guy by any means so if this laptop can’t suit your moderate gaming/performance needs you should probably get off your damn computer and get outside.
  20. The first had a defective wireless card, so I returned it.
  21. The second one was working fine until I used the Samsung app to update the bios and drivers.
  22. Waited for the battery to drain hoping that maybe I could boot the laptop, no luck.
  23. I tried calling the Samsung support line multiple times was disconnected three times, one time the person I spoke with had a bad accent and asked to speak with another person with better English skills.
  24. She transferred me to a paid support line, which was ridiculous that I would be expected to pay for support on a brand new laptop.
  25. I am very disappointed with this experience with Samsung.
  26. A number of years ago I purchased a Samsung Series 9 notebook and it has been flawless.
  27. I still would be willing to try one more time with this laptop, because most of my Samsung purchases have worked out well over the years.
  28. As with the first laptop the wireless card was defective again.
  29. Spent almost an hour on two different calls with Samsung support today, they were worthless.
  30. Samsung is not high on my list of favorable companies now, they have lost me as a customer.
  31. The USB Controller chip is hardware defected and your USB ports will die after months of usage.
  32. I recieved the first one very excited for my business as the notebook is a beautiful device, estically.

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Samsung Odyssey 15.6-Inch, 16GB, Intel Core i7, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Gaming Laptop (Black, NP800G5H-XS1US)

samsung odyssey inch intel core hdd ssd gaming laptop black gxs us

  1. Super smooth graphics with NVIDIA GTX 1060 at 60W full performance.
  2. Wide viewing angle with vibrant pictures for clearer viewing.
  3. My son and husband are huge gamers, and have played all of their online games and have nothing but great things to say.

Buy Samsung Odyssey 15.6-Inch, 16GB, Intel Core i7, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Gaming Laptop (Black, NP800G5H-XS1US) here $1,469.99

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